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October 7, 2018

Dear Eugene, Are you comfortable in the distance?

Source: #MrSunshine  @teameushin

A letter from Heo Seongwook, a professor at SNU:

"Dear Eugene,
Are things at the place far away up there comfortable? Time flew by so quickly since you were gone. Short term, a week. Long term, more than a century.."

I cried as soon as I read 'Dear Eugene' 😭#MrSunshine

— #MrSunshine ☀️ (@teameushin) October 8, 2018

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Translation by writteninthestars09 at MR.SUNSHINE soompi \"mrs.jpg\"

Dear Eugene,

Are you comfortable in the distance?

You left and it took a lot of time. Shortly a week, a hundred years long. In the meantime, there were more things in Chosun. It was a little late thanks to your steps and muzzle that always led you to the right side, but Chosun finally broke down. Because it was decided direction anyway, it was not able to stop by any power. Rather, it has been done by the many powerful people of Korea for the purpose of getting to the network faster. The pain and the tragedy have returned to the powerless people.

With the defeat of Japan, the war ended and you had an independent homeland as you had hoped, but it was not by your own strength, so there were fewer tragedies. It has become divided into the South and the North by other powerful nations and has become two countries with different ideologies and politics. And there was war. This land, which was seen as nothing more damnable, turned into a scene of tragedy.

Fortunately, after the war, one of the two countries has written a remarkable growth and success story. There are a lot of places to make delicious candies and breads than \'French bakery,\' and you can find shops that sell only Gabe, one of the \'Glory Hotel\', one by one across the city building. In the center of Manhattan, you were proud to have a billboard selling the weird things we made. The exciting song that many of our boys sing together was chosen as one of America\'s favorite songs. A few days ago, there was news that Kyle had the eighth US dollar in the world, which he had switched from \'Hadrio\' to a sidewalk. It would be nice if you could come and see it yourself.

Not everything is good.

Many of them also resemble the end of Joseon.

Still, we do not know what to do in front of the outside enemy, and it is brutally cruel to the inner stillness. Just as in those days when we had a faction that did not recognize the existence of each other by creating a partisan society based on the neo-classical justification, there is no room for compromise among people who are still ideologically oriented. Maybe it was the last chance Chosun did not go to ruin like that. The way of thinking and open attitude of the city is still disguised by moralism in many cases. Sorry, but unfortunately, most of that moralism is hypocritical. It is often the emotional and inflammatory slogans that determine the direction of discussion rather than the rational process of judgment based on a cool and scientific perception of reality.

In those days, China, which joined the path of destruction along with the Joseon Dynasty, underwent a dramatic process and now it is the only country in the world to compete with the United States. At one time, the ideology that led the nation to produce and distribute valuable resources and to make the distribution of the results evenly swept the world like a storm, all of which led to failure. For those who have since believed that the prosperity and development of the nation is achieved through the protection of civil liberties in democracy, the growth and prominence of China is somewhat embarrassing. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, our people will be forced to choose between two different values systems that are not very compatible.

It was a heavy topic to convey my best regards.

In my opinion, it seems that Chosun relied heavily on other outside forces rather than victory in response to a proper system in a national crisis. In the future, I hope you will not repeat your tragic history and sad love story to other Eugene. Thank you very much.

Heo Sung-wook Professor, College of Law, Seoul National University

October 6, 2018

Fan-tribute to Eugene Choi by Sunshiner\'s WriterNim @LukeSWErrthing \"mrs.jpg\"

And now... I'm finally here. I've reached the one I have been avoiding like the plague. The lonely foreigner, the American-joseon man, the Captain of my heart, my soul...

I would have followed you, my Captain... My brother... My King...

#EugeneChoi of #MrSunshine

— Sunshiner's WriterNim (@LukeSWErrthing) October 7, 2018