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    Choi Jin Ho: Lee Byung Hun amazed me with his emotional acting
    Behind-the-scene HighCut Pictorial feat. Lee Byung Hun, weibo pics
    Thank you to everyone who watched and loved MR.SUNSHINE
    Lee Byung Hun confirmed to attend 2018 Asia Artist Awards
    MR.SUNSHINE Cast say their farewells as drama comes to an end
    The Korea Times: MR.SUNSHINE gives new life to independence fighters
    The final Finale: MR.SUNSHINE Will Not Return For Season 2
    The Seoul Awards Announces Nominations for 2018
    MR.SUNSHINE at 1st ranking position, 9 weeks in a row
    MR.SUNSHINE OST Part 15: Hwang Chi Yeul-How Can I Forget You
    Kim Nam Hee vs Lee Byung Hun: Really hard to act with pressured feeling
    Behind-the-Scenes MR.SUNSHINE feat. Lee Byung Hun vs Kim Tae Ri
    Charismatic quartet brings binge-worthy MR.SUNSHINE to life
    Are We Ever Going to See a GI Joe 3? See you again Storm Shadow?
    September Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed
    Seo Yu Jung: Lee Byung Hun's eye-acting, really a master's work
    Upcoming Blu-ray Release: BUNGEE JUMPING OF THEIR OWN
    GC Flu Vaccine TVCF: Narration by Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri
    MR.SUNSHINE OST Part 14: If You Were Me by Ben; various clips
    The 55th Daejong Awards: THE FORTRESS with 10 nominations
    Lee Byung Hun starts his personal IG, Chuseok with family in the US
    HIGH CUT Vol.288 feat. Blue Dragon Award Winners 2016 & 2017
    MR.SUNSHINE OST Limited Edition 2-Disc Miscellanous Set
    MR.SUNSHINE Cartoon by Ruro, Drama Tops Most Buzzworthy List


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