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September 15, 2018

Interview translated by mistymorning mrs.jpg

‘Mr. Sunshine’ Choi Jin-ho “Lee Byung-hun, Song Yoon-ah, Yeo Jin-goo are actors/actresses that amazed me with their acting”

[Newsen: Article by Kim Ye Eun/Photography by Lee Jae Ha]

He debuted in the drama ‘Splendid Holiday’, acting for more than 20 years. Working as supporting actors in various projects, with a lot of actors/actresses, Choi Jin Ho turned his thumbs up to Yeo Jin Goo, Song Yoon Ah and Lee Byung Hun.'

He was an excellent villain in tvN weekend drama ‘Mr Sunshine’ coveting over main lead Eugene Choi’s mom. He was the reason that made Eugene Choi’s early life hell, and the one who got the worst payback from Eugene who came back to Joseon as American solider. Even though his character exited the show with death, his presence was quite intense.



Due to situation of his character, he acted long time with Lee Byung Hun who did the role of Eugene Choi. They also worked together in the movie ‘I Saw the Devil’. Newsen met him on Sept 13th, Choi Jin Ho mentioned the scene where Eugene Choi threatened Lee Se Hoon with the sword, “About the sword scene, there are some who act with their emotion but only by themselves, but with Lee Byung Hun I felt that I was being cared. There was a feeling of going up together. It is a great experience when you can feel the synergy and chemistry”

Lee Byung Hun is one of the three actors/actresses that amazed him during his acting career. The other 2 are Yeo Jin Goo who did SBS drama ‘Daebak’ together, and Song Yoon Ah who did KBS 2TV drama ‘Assembly’.

He explained, ‘Actor Yeo Jin Goo acted really stable considering his age. I thought about my youth and whether I did that well. Song Yoon Ah is a top actress. Acting together, we as actors know. Feeling the chemistry that my feelings were delivered and then given back. Song Yoon Ah is one of those than can give feelings back well.”
He continued talk about ‘Mr Sunshine’. They worked for long time for ‘Mr Sunshine’ that the atmosphere in the site was nice. Choi Jin Ho explained the reason to Lee Eung Bok’s style, who is the director of the drama. ‘Dir. Lee Eung Bok doesn’t pressure the site. “And also, “Maybe it’s the trait of current shooting site. We’re suffering together anyways, so want to comfort each other.”

Was there any episode from the shooting site? In the drama Eugene Choi got his revenge on Lee Se Hoon after knowing that he coveted his mother that led to death of his parents. He jumped over the sedan chair of Lee Se Hoon with his horse. Lee Se Hoon tumbled from his chair and fell to the muddy ground. About this scene he said “We dug up to make a small puddle but it was too dirty. I didn’t need to put my face, but I thought to make the scene more humiliating I should put my face in the puddle. Only thing is that after the scene I had to see the eye doctor 4 times.”

tvN ‘Mr Sunshine’ will air on Sat/Sun 9 PM every week.


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