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Thank you everyone who watched and loved MR.SUNSHINE mrs.jpg

Photo: LeeByungHun // Eugene said.. see you again..

October 7, 2018

October Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Source: Soompi  by E. Cha

The Korean Business Research Institute has announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for drama actors!

The rankings were determined through a data analysis of the media coverage, participation, interaction, and community indexes of 100 actors who appeared in dramas that aired between September 5 and October 6.

Actress Han Ji Min, who starred in tvN’s recent drama “Familiar Wife,” topped this month’s rankings with a brand reputation index of 8,632,700. High-ranking phrases in her keyword analysis included “Familiar Wife,” “Miss Baek,” and “smoking,” while her highest-ranking related terms included “pretty” and “cute.” Han Ji Min’s positivity-negativity analysis also revealed a score of 79.10 percent positive reactions.

Kim Tae Ri fell one spot to second place this month, scoring a brand reputation index of 8,194,744, while UEE followed at third place with a brand reputation index of 7,842,385.

Check out the top 30 for October below!

1. Han Ji Min
2. Kim Tae Ri
3. UEE
4. Jung In Sun
5. Lee Byung Hun
6. Kim Dong Wook
7. Na Hye Mi
8. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo
9. EXO’s D.O.
10. So Ji Sub
11. Jung Eun Chae
12. Kim Min Jung
13. Kim Jae Wook
14. Song Ha Yoon
15. Clazziquai’s Alex
16. Yoo Yeon Seok
17. Seo Kang Joon
18. Nam Ji Hyun
19. Lee Joo Hyun
20. Im Soo Hyang
22. Shin Goo
23. Esom
24. Go Soo
25. Lee Si Eon
26. Song Seung Heon
27. Lee Seol
28. Lee Ha Na
29. Ji Sung
30. Byun Yo Han

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Our Eugene is on a roll posting pics & clips on his IG..

this time with the FML fanboys.. 

Source: Sports Chosun


October 11, 2018

"Mr. Sunshine" Lee Byung-hun as Eugene Choi Behind-the-scenes

Source: Nate via // Sports Chosun


Lee Byung-hun released a behind-the-scene cut of "Mr. Sunshine" that reflects its historical setting.

He posted a black-and-white picture of himself and David McInnis in period suits on Instagram on the 5th.

Lee Byung-hun's wife, Lee Min-jung, showed her support of the pictures on social media.


It looks like they had another MR.SUNSHINE (mini) gathering ~

Photo: yuna.lee


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