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Our thanks to mistymorning for the translation at MR.SUNSHINE soompi, behind-the-scene clips courtesy BH Rubeurs

Scene (where EC showing 1 bullet left in his gun to AS) 

EC: We just need to use this one bullet well.

AS: What a great lover.

Scene( EC escaping with AS)

EC: Let's go

stepping out and EC surprised by misstep? Trying one more time

Scene( LBH and KTR jumping before the shoot to act real, they're holding hands )

Staff: Get to spot

LBH: Me? (holding KTR's hand)

Other staff: No, no...


KTR: Did I lean against the wall? (asking to LBH)

LBH: Yes

KTR: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry. ( Go Aeshin / Currently in trance )

LBH: You were acting while in trance.

KTR: Yes ( eagerly )

LBH saying wow... and KTR hitting him with her hat.


Scene where they're still jumping

KTR jumping.. and LBH starts jumping vigorously. (Banner saying chemistry explosion!)

LBH suddenly stops.. saying : my pants snapped.

KTR: Really?

LBH: My pants.. button.

KTR still jumping and saying "Ting~~" 

Scene where KTR and LBH stopping under the arch.

Scene in the cell? in US legation

(EC and AS spending a night till morning)

LBH wore slipper. KTR holding script?

Staff: (to LBH) Maybe your legs are too wide open?

LBH: I can get wider. (showing)

KTR: Just about right width. 

KTR pretending to snore then waking up with smile

LBH was looking down with emotion but with KTR waking up that way, LBH also perks up.

LBH: I was sleeping too

KTR and LBH laughing

LBH saying his lines : Because I need to go back to US.. (with emotion)

KTR pouting.

LBH asking to staff: Am I to look at ring on my hand or Aeshin's hand? 

staff: Sunbaenim(LBH) 's hand please

LBH looking at his ring with feminine gesture(?), KTR doing the same

KTR sleeping, leaning on LBH

Take 1: KTR's stomach rumbling 3 times

PD : cut ok

KTR: My stomach is saying lines.

LBH: it feels like I'm talking with 5 persons. Let's do it one more time

Take 2: LBH's stomach rumbling 1 time ( Banner: This time Eugene, can rumbling have chemistry? )

LBH: My stomach answered you.


Our thanks to mistymorning for the translation at MR.SUNSHINE soompi ~

Clip: mrsunshine_thirtybutseventeen

Scene: Eugene/Hamandaek/Hangrangabum in apothecary without Aeshin 

Hamandaek: Should I make you hurt for real? Should I pick a date for it?(Threatening pose to Eugene)

(No ok from PD, Hamandaek starts ad-libbing, posing come on! come on! with her hands)

(Eugene poses fighting pose like a boxer, flipping his nose with his thumb.., This is sort of signature pose from somewhere but I cannot remember)

(Hamandeak and Hangrangabum starts laughing)


Scene: EC and HS at the gate of Glory Hotel, acting serious

staff: (Soulless reading to mark time to later add shouting from Japanese military partying) hurrah for Japanese Emperor, hurrah for the great Japanese empire!

LBH: (turning back) What.... that's so flat..( and repeating the same line also flatly, BYH laughing )


Scene: EC and AS kneeling right in front of the gate of US legation in Japan. Both of them has held hands high.

EC's very focused, but AS seems to be a bit out of character, watching US soldiers running. And AS surprised by the sound of gun shots.

Circle to show AS's expression.

Scene: LBH pulling the neck of his uniform, PD LEB watching. (banner: EC's whining whose shooting isn't done yet)

tired looking LBH: I want to go home ( crying sound at the end..)

( PD LEB laughing and patting LBH's shoulder)


Source: JJE @aa_12r1

Clip: tvN Drama  via Chungmuro Crumb

Behind the scene: Eugene vs Ae Shin Farewell scene

Our thanks to mistymorning for the translation at MR.SUNSHINE soompi
(Rehearsal for EC-AS scene together , trying lines ).

BH: Don't hold it(her laughter)

TR starts laughing right away.

BH: Your face shows it too well.

TR: Hey! I'm trying to hold it with my last breath! 

They're laughing together.

TR: Ok, I'm serious now. I'm not looking.

BH: Ok, for how much, 10K won (about $10) betting? 

TR keeps laughing, uncontrollable.

BH: Wow, are you that happy?

BH: (serious but with little bit of smile) It's 10K bet, pay me. (TR laughing)

(scene changed to actual shoot, ending with heartfelt confession of Eugene)



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