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September 21, 2018

Thanks to mistymorning for the news highlight at MR.SUNSHINE


Seo Yujeong (actress of Hongpa) appeared in entertainment show "Happy Together 3 ", episode 555. She talked about her experience shooting Mr. Sunshine. esp. with Lee Byung-Hun. (Photo from

Park MyungSoo asked "how is it to act with Lee Byung-Hun" to SYJ. She said, "I was very very surprised". "Usually while acting, it's not easy to stare at person's eyes speaking to him/her, but if you watch acting in Hollywood, they are staring at each other, thru out their acting." 

"Maybe because of LBH sunbaenim's Hollywood movies, he seems to focus his eyes on you while acting, drawing you into his eyes, really a master's work."

Source: SYJ IG via mrs.jpg


Photo: Seo Yu Jung (10/12 HongPa & Eugene)



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