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GCGCë¹ì­ìGC Pharma (Korea)

Published on September 20, 2018 by GC Pharma

GC Flu Vaccine TVCF:

Narration by Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri 

(have to click link to watch on YT)

Original clip: kwakcham

Clip with translation: Chungmuro Crumb

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Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun's voice as narrator for GC Green Cross Flu Vaccine 60's video campaign LBH: I love my war KTR: I am proud of my war LBH: My war is not only for Korea KTR: But also for Africa’s hot dessert and over the South America. LBH: I always want to be the best for body of people. KTR: Over tens of millions people look for me every year. LBH: My war is not hurting people. KTR: My war is for saving people. LBH: I am vaccine KTR: I am Korean first flu vaccine - GC Flu. LBH: Love of people who use me and Passion of people who make me, build reputable vaccine company, Green Cross. For the Challenge to be 100yrs reputable vaccine company, GC flu will continue Great Challenge. . Both of them have nice voice, gave me ASMR ???????? #KimTaeRi #??? #??? #LeeByungHun #mrsunshine #?????? #gc???

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Photo: 365newsbaro

September 28, 2018

Green Cross Gets Nod For Flu Vaccine

Fakhir Rizvi  UrduPoint

SEOUL, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Sep, 2018 ) :Green Cross Corp., a South Korean pharmaceutical company, said Friday that it has won approval from local health authorities for the use of its flu vaccine on young children.

The Ministry of food and Drug Safety gave the green light to administering the fourth version of its flu vaccine, GC Fluquadribalant, to babies aged between six months and three years old, the company said.

GC Fluquadribalant was developed in 2008 by Green Cross and aims to prevent four kinds of flu with a single shot. Previously, South Korea imported all its flu vaccines.

The company said it plans to distribute 4 million doses of fourth generation GC Fluquadribalant and 5 million doses of the third generation version.


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