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MR.SUNSHINE OST Limited Edition Set

CD1 is with ost (songs with singing voice) and CD2 is with score  -- instrumental music in the background, from opening and the narrations. Standard version of the soundtracks will be released later, considering current one is limited to 10K copies. They're currently weekly top Ballade best sellers in yes 24 and weekly top ost best seller in aladin.


What's included in the set:





2CD + 1DVD(highlight)

All singers signed photo

Huisung's flower letter

Zebra word card

Apothecary letter

Lettering sticker

Pinwheel bookmark

Tarot card


Main difference is the color of cover/box (Eugene version is dark blue, Aeshin version is pink) and for pre-order customers they'll receive posters(60cm x 45cm). Eugene version poster has three men, Aeshin version is Eugene-Aeshin doing eye identification. Nothing else seems to be different.



01. The Day all winds stop (The Day Overture)

02. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver.

03. Elaine - Sad March

04. Kim YoonAh - Days WIthout Tears

05. Kim Suhyun - Sori(Sound)

06. Melomance - Good day

07. Savina and drones - My Home (Eugene's Song)

08. Ha Hyunsang - Become The Wind

09. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver.(Inst.)

10. Park Won - Stranger 

11. O3ohn - Shine Your Star (Prod. by ZICO)

12. Nu'est W - AND I

13. Paek Ji-Young - See You Again ( Feat. Richard Yongjae O'Neill)

14. Shin Seunghun - Like a beautiful flame

15. Sejung(Gugudan) - Paramour

16. Ben - If you were me

17. Hwang Chi-Yeul - How can I forget

18. Jung Jaeil - Far away dream


01. Richard Youngjae O'Neill - Mr. Sunshine (Title)

02. Greensleeves (Musicbox Drama Ver. )

03. Eugene's step( Eugene's narration )

04. Sad ending

05. Wild flower

06. I choose it. ( Aeshin's narration)

07. Like a flame

08. Aeshin and Hamandaek

09. Something bad (Huisung's narration)

10.  Days without tears (Piano Ver. ) (Feat. Kim Huisung)

11. Walking side-by-side

12. Black bird

13. One more step

14. Age of romance

15. Glory

16. What is "Love"

17. Enemy of the world (Dongmae's narration)

18. Sad waltz (Dongmae's theme)

19. Choose to bite. (Hina's narration)

20. Waiting (Hina's theme)

21. Death Of Mother

22. Ghost Ship

23. Sniper

24. Battle

25. Tumultuous Joseon

26. Elaine - Rise Again ( Feat. Will Bug )

Source: Chungmuro Crumb

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Yeayy... Finally... Mr Sunshine OST Limited edition (there are 2 cover edition, Aeshin version and Eugene version). Album Specifications - 2CD + 1DVD (MV with no subtitle) - 7 Postcard limited edition included in the envelope 1) Signed Polaroid photo 2) Heesung's flower (engagement) letter 3) Zebra word card 4) Apothecary love letter between Aeshin and Eugene 5) Letter sticker 6) Pinwheel bookmark 7) Tarot cards Price : ?34.200 3 more Ost that hasn't released yet If You Were Me - #Ben ?? ??? - #HwangChiYeol ??? ? -#JeongJaeIl Whoaaahhh... these are so beautiful ???????? i want both of them Link : Again...Brace your wallet guys... ???????????? #mrsunshine #leebyunghun #kimtaeri #yooyeonseok #byunyohan #kimminjung #?????? #??? #??? #??? #??? #??? #kdrama

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