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September 16, 2018

Brothers Reunited in MR.SUNSHINE

Source: tvN Drama // News1 // OSEN ++

In a scene with Eugene Choi (played by Lee Byung Hun), Park Jung Min made a cameo appearance in tvN drama, MR. SUNSHINE. In the episode 22 aired on 9/16, PJM guest-starred as a Korean Independence activist, Ahn Changho


Interview clip: Sadgasna // Captures: OSEN // Translation: #MrSunshine @teameushin 


Q: Thoughts of filming with Park Jungmin after a long time?

LBH: Surely it's nice to meet him again after a while. Since he is one of actors who makes me tense up, so it's suddenly getting tense for today as well. 

Q: Thoughts of participating in Mr Sunshine

PJM: It's such an honor to be asked (to participate) in a great drama. I came to meet Byunghun sunbaenim, but I am worried that I might give bad impact since I feel very nervous today. I will do my best!


Actors Park Jung Min and Lee Byung Hun reunited in the 22nd episode of MR.SUNSHINE. PJM who appeared as Korean Independence Activist Ahn Changho, had a scene with Choi Yu Jin/Eugene Choi upon his release from prison. Prior to MR.SUNSHINE, the 2 actors were in the 2018 movie, Keys to the Heart.




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