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Published on September 2, 2018 by monny1emano

Best part about this show? Definitely the Bromance..

Caricature by nonomiho

Art by Ruro

When he's not serious, calm or strict, Captain Eugene Choi makes the most unexpected expression in desperate situation(s). It's LOL time at Eugene th_lmfao.gif

Clip: Mr.Sunshine Netflix

Photo: Fumie Suguri

9/14 Mr.Sunshine is back in Korea ~

Photos & clip: hino2033 // bons9 // yuna_lee88 // Yoshihito Aoki

Thanks to mistymorning for the gist at MR. SUNSHINE soompi mrs.jpg

I found this from instagram post from fan, who asked LBH about the ending

"he couldn't say about ending but he said, compared to previous 20 episodes, remaining 4 episodes will be more exciting!"





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