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Clip from tvN Drama, translation of transcript by mistymorning at MR.SUNSHINE soompi mrs.jpg

In the first scene, KTR is indicating her arm and asking "here?". LBH is saying 'If I tell you to sit here, I feel like you're going to hit me" as a joke and KTR is laughing.

In the second scene with a globe. LBH is saying "With my hand, it's 1 and.... 3/4" to be precise, KTR is saying "You have a large hand" laughing.

3rd scene, Eugene is seating? kneeling on the ground with bakery bag with a banner(?) saying "Eugene's ad lib always makes KTR laughing".

4th scene, a staff is saying "if you give me an hour and 25 mins, it can be done soon!". LBH is saying "An hour and 25 minutes, fighting!" walking out. Banner saying "Eugene encouraging people mid shooting".

<scene change>

yes.gif  EUGENE CHOI is my name! 




they're doing rehearsal for coffee scene. LBH is doing the scene when he pushes the coffee cup gently toward Aeshin. You can see that KTR is relaxed here. When LBH pushes imaginary teacup to KTR.

KTR(smiling): how slick! 

Scene then shows LBH 's face focused in circle, he's doing foxy things with his eyes. (Hit me with something.. sorry i'm out of my mind then), then he again does pushing motion.

Then he does it to Haman daek while KTR is watching with smile. Haman daek is turning her body with bashful smile..KTR is saying "To Haman daek?!..." with laugh. LBH is smiling big. Banner saying "Crowned for the most courteous man in this era" 

Then real shooting starts, LBH pushes coffee cup with serious face. KTR suddently starts laughing saying "ah...wait..." then LBH starts laughing. They're both uncontrollably laughing.. LBH saying "your facial expression is funnier. You look like you suddenly lost your soul." laughing. 

In next try, KTR is saying "the action feels like with some intention". "I have started laughing by senior(indicating haman)'s acting already, and then... LBH is saying "you looked like this" showing her previous acting. KTR try to stop laughing... LBH is laughing and saying something but I can't tell what...

Source: tvN // Twitter // IG sharing (from behind-the-scenes)


Art by Ruro


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