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We're conducting pre-order survey for 'Mr. Sunshine' Director's cut Blu-ray/DVD.

This survey is to check market demand to see whether it's feasible to manufacture Blu-ray/DVD. If the number doesn't meet the minimum needed, we cannot start Blu-ray/DVD manufacturing.

Even if you have not decided to order yet, please participate this survey to help starting this Blu-ray/DVD manufacturing.

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'Mr. Sunshine' Director's Cut Blu-ray/DVD imaginary demand survey is in progress! If you are considering to buy one, please submit an imaginary demand form! More demand means higher chance for getting the actual Blu-Ray/DVD!






August 27, 2018

Mr. Sunshine TV series: fight for what you love!


Mr. Sunshine, also known as Storm Shadow in “G.I Joe” series, also known as Han Cho Bai in “Red 2” alongside Bruce Willis, also known as Billy Rocks in “Magnificent Seven” alongside Denzel Washington, also known as many other characters we loved or hated in great movies we didn’t want to miss.

Byung-Hun Lee, because we are talking about him, is such a great star, we simply couldn’t miss the announcement Netflix made regarding Mr. Sunshine, a new Korean period drama series that started on July 7th in Korea, U.S. and most Asian teritories, July 8th on Japan and July 19th in the rest of the world.

Written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, the acclaimed duo that created international success series “Descendants of the Sun”, Mr. Sunshine’s first season spans over 24 episodes, airing twice a week every Saturday and Sunday.

Published on September 9, 2018 by monny1emano


The core of the series is comprised of the following main actors and characters, with amazing performance from many other supporting actors.

Byung-Hun Lee as Eugene Choi (given name Yoo-jin Choi)
Tae-ri Kim as Go Ae-shin
Yeon-Seok Yoo as Goo Dong-mae
Yo-han Byun as Kim Hee-sung
Min-Jung Kim as Kudo Hina
Eui-sung Kim as Lee Wan-ik


The show is set in the early 1900s, taking place in Hanseong (former name of Seoul), and focuses on the underground activists fighting for Korea’s independence amidst various foreign powers interests, with an emphasis on the life and struggle of a fugitive little korean boy on american soil, running away from a local aristocrat family owning him and his parents as slaves.

If not for the ‘based on a true story” tag, placing the action of Mr. Sunshine on top of Shinmiyangyo, the first ever american military action on Korea, then the series could very well be taken for what is actually the most entertaining part of it: a love story with lots of plots and twists. And a captivating and mesmerizing love story it is, because we have to admit that the on-screen chemistry between Byung-Hun Lee and Tae-ri Kim (The Handmaiden) is amazing.

Futhermore, throughout the series, we learn to love the passion the two main characters develop, without loosing focus on the political machinations and dramatic situations we are being served with each episode. The beginning the show is a bit slow, sometimes confusing, but entertaining and beautiful to watch while developing. Of course, viewers don’t really need to expect much historical accuracy from the show, since the production house already stated the characters are a work of fiction. Instead one should focus solely on the quality of acting, the sensitive love story between two people that would normally not be allowed to be together, the overall production quality, and last but not least the gorgeous soundtrack.

Certainly, Netflix has made an inspired move by acquiring the rights for the series, since korean dramas are trending worldwide alongside kpop and other types of korean inspired content. In fact Rob Roy, Netflix VP of content acquisition, was very much aware of the trends when he said:

“We have seen so much passion for top quality Korean stories, and the pedigree of a title like ‘Mr. Sunshine’ is a significant step forward in building a strong Korean content library for our members around the world.”


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