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Clip: Mr.Sunshine Netflix

September 2, 2018

"Mr. Sunshine" Lee Byung-hun becomes alert in front of Kim Nam-hee

Source: HeraldCorp via


On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Takashi (Kim Nam-hee) approached Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun).

Eugene Choi witnessed a teacher from the school with Takashi at Glory Hotel. They looked like they were having a meal together, but it was actually an interrogation. When Eugene asked about it, Takashi said, "An official from Japan doesn't treat women recklessly".

Takashi claimed the teacher had caused instigation and Eugene asked if that was real. The teacher had said Japan isn't an outstanding country just because it was civilized faster and that no one could interfere with Joseon sovereignty, but Takashi was vicious and told her to get on with her missionary work.

Eugene told him, "You just made a big mistake. You won't be going to Heaven now". When Takashi asked when he was going to buy drinks, Eugene said, "When you're not busy. I'm busy because of you". When Takashi said he was going to let the teacher go, Eugene asked if he did that because he had plans for the night.

Meanwhile, Takashi was discovered to be part of the second most influential family in Japan.



Mr. Sunshine Roundup: Episode 17 + 18

Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Lee Byung Hun shoots a gun at Kim Eui Sung, "Killing you isn't even work"

Nationwide rating for episode 17: 7.694% (cr. Nielsen Korea)

1. [+2131, -74] Eugene Choi, I'm sorry.. Because today's Korea-Japan soccer match.. let's meet tomorrow..
? [+13, -1] I'm sorry too..
? [+1, -0] You too? Me too
? [+29, -1] I'll watch it for you instead

2. [+593, -21] I missed you. But I have to watch the soccer match today... see you....

3. [+312, -24] Eugene Choi is so f***ing cool ?????? Let's only walk a love path with Ae Shin ?

4. [+235, -8] I didn't watch soccer and chose Eugene~~ ^^ They scored a goal as soon as the drama ended ^^


Original Source (OSEN via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Lee Byung Hun to Byun Yo Han, who broke off his engagement, "I'll protect Kim Tae Ri no matter what"

1. [+555, -4] I feel like the actor who speaks Korean awkwardly is daebak.. He's Korean but imagine how much he practiced... Seriously daebak (t/n: They're talking about actor Kim Nam Hee who plays Takashi Mori)

2. [+353, -11] I feel bad for Hee Sung ??

3. [+285, -10] Has Byun Yo Han always been this handsome (t/n: Yes)

4. [+120, -8] Eugene is so cool

Photos: tvN // OSEN

Eugene VS partner-in-crime stealing gun



Source: Naver

MR.SUNSHINE Ep 17: The beginning of tragedy...





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