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Episode 16 GIFS



August 26, 2018

MR.SUNSHINE shoe scene, a reminiscent of Bungee Jumping of Their Own?

It's interesting to note and while it may differ a bit.. perhaps or perhaps not, KES had her inspiration for this episode 16 scene from the 2001 movie 'Bungee Jumping of Their Own' (Lee Byung Hun & the late Lee Eun Joo).


Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) has just met with Lady Ae Shin's (Kim Tae Ri) grandfather who forbids their relationship. As Eugene walks away from the Go residence, grounded Ae Shin was desperately trying to catch up with him. Barely catching her breath, AS only wanted to see EC before he leaves and she barely noticed that one of her shoes came off her feet.

Clip & photos: Chungmuro Crumb // tvN

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