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August 26, 2018

Fan-sharing from dcinside, translation by mistymorning at MR.SUNSHINE soompi

The speed of Eugene-Aeshin's love thru their fishing scene


As soon as the nibbling started, Aeshin grabbed her boyfriend's fishing pole to catch it herself

Eugene was being powerlessly swayed by Aeshin, just saying "wait wait"

Just looking at this scene reminds me...

As soon as she saw the good fish Eugene(the hogu/pushover) , she asked him to do love together without hesitation

Hugged him in no time, asked him to go to seashore together,

with his hat on, asked him whether she's pretty, that date master Aeshin

That overlapped with Eugene, 

who didn't know to hug his girlfriend back 

couldn't even wipe her tears, just holding his hat, that Choi family Wait Jin(* this is one of the numerous nick name in dcinside internal humors)

But, this Choi family Wait Jin turned out as a real fishing master,

Aeshin may think that she caught Eugene, but


Without her really knowing, it's Choi family Wait Jin who actually caught her and holding on.

Started love, tempting noble woman who's more interested in shooting than marriage

Made her bet her everything by devoting himself during the relationship

Made her his home, after being a stranger always

Made her wanted to show him to her grandpa, when she just originally planned to cancel her engagement only (* this review is before episode 16 ).

In the preview, there's even a line hinting she may leave Joseon with Eugene

If you look at the picture, the fish basket in the reflection actually has Aeshin in it!!

So these all means that, 


This is all big picture from Choi family Wait Jin who crushed all bowls(dcinside names for board readers) predictions by being slow, enduring and waiting.

And in the end


was also suggested from Choi Fishing Jin


Well done by someone who 's close with a boat!

Published on August 27, 2018 by CaptTamagochi


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