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August 25, 2018

'Mr. Sunshine' Lee ByungHun-Kim TaeRi-Kim GabSoo, meeting between 3 by cruel fate

Reporter: Choi JooRi | SE Daily | thanks to mistymorning for the highlight and translation at MR>SUNSHINE soompi 

'Mr Sunshine' LBH-KTR-KGS will have confrontation in twisted fate this weekend.

LBH, KTR, and KGS each plays Eugene Choi, who was born as a slave, fled to US to become marine captain, Go Aeshin who is the 'Aegissi' from the most novel family in Joseon, and Hwang Eunsan who's the leader of Righteous Army in tvN Sat/Sun drama. Eugene and Aeshin shares affections, and Eunsan is the one who helped Eugene to escape to US, so all 3 share special relationship.


From last episode, Eugene Choi(LBH) was shocked to find out that RA(group that his lover Go Aeshin, and his savior Eunsan belong to) sent out a sniper to kill him. Eugene had found secret of RA inadvertently during his investigation on missionary Joseph's death, thru mails from Hamgyung province. This put pressure on Lee JungMoon(Kang Sinil), thus he ordered Eunsan to eliminate Eugene. Eunsan ordered Aeshin to kill anyone who cross the river. Later we see Eugene crossing frozen river, foreshadowing the upcoming conflict.

In episode 15, on 25th(today), stills show that LBH and KGS confronting each other in explosive situation and KTR far way aims her gun. Eugene and Eunsan gazing each other on the log bridge toward the klin site, usually smiling Eugene when he meets Eunsan with cold gaze, Eunsan with sharp look. Meanwhile Aeshin is looking at them thru sniper rifle scope, all these stills force us to wonder how their tragic fates will become.

In LBH, KTR and KGS's klin site confrontation, the most important thing is the emotions between Eugene who's been threatened with death, Eunsan who ordered killing even after knowing Eugene's good intentions, and Aeshin who's been ordered by Eunsan. All 3, including LBH and KGS who's looking at each other, and KTR who's not close but needs to focus on the other 2's movement, gather together to adjust their lines and actings again and again.

LBH and KGS played their heightened feelings with superb acting, making whole staff in the shooting to hold their breaths collectively. KTR also performed strong completed the whole scene.

Production said "Aeshin and Eunsan are the 2 most important people to Eugene after he came to Joseon, thus making this situation heart-breaking to Eugene", "Please check out today's episode(25th) 15, to see how Eugene will navigate future after he gets hurt by lover and rescuer".

'Mr Sunshine' episode 15 will air on 25th(today) night 9 PM.

/reporter Choi JooRi 

Source: Newstown


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