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August 29, 2018

Clip: tvN Drama

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August 23, 2018

New making for Eugene-AeShin BTS

Our thanks to mistymorning for the clips highlight & translation at MR.SUNSHINE soompi / clips from goblin_mrsunshine

EC: (script says) nod while grinning

EC: one more time < AS laughing out loud>

EC doing the scene again and AS can't hold her laugh

Dir: Cut

EC: why..

AS: don't know...

EC: excited( alone).. hihi

EC showing a map to AS 

AS: don't you know how to unfold the map? (joking and laughing)

In the scene when they try to hide from the gun shot

1st rehearsal: EC holding AS, off the light and carrying her to duck behind the chair. but light didn't go off. (Dancing? 

2nd rehearsal: Off the light and duck successfully), but EC saw unexpected camera.

EC(thrown off by the sudden camera): wait a minute. What are you taking from there? (Curious EC)

2nd video ends with saying in real take, they did it without any NG in 1 try.

August 19, 2018

Clip: LBH Official Fan Club

August 15, 2018

MR.SUNSHINE behind-the-scene for Fool-Moron-Loser

Thanks to mistymorning at MR.SUNSHINE soompi for the translation

tvndrama.official [#special making]

(loud) #FML don't let anybody miss chemistry between them(loud)

BTS for Fool-Moron-Loser scenes, seems that LBH is providing a lot of ideas and ad libs.

First scene is LBH talking and giving ideas to YYS about how to show off with sword.

2nd scene is BYH fooling around YYS.

3rd scene is the first meeting at the bar between FML. LBH is adding his idea to pull his coat under BYH. In the monitoring scene, LBH is saying this is the strongest way of talking (My coat!) for Eugene since the beginning and they're all laughing.

4th scne is LBH saying he's paying only for him with hand gesture. That seems to be testing take, you can see crew behind them.

5th scene is where HS was saying drinking together means they're already friends. You can see that LBH is thinking and dropping his cup without drinking.

6th scene is BYH showing off his charms :) and failing. BYH is so cute here :D

Clip: JJE



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