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Clip: Mr. Sunshine Netflix

Source: AGB Nielsen Ratings

Episode 1   7/7/18       8.852%

Episode 2   7/8/18       9.691%

Episode 3   7/14/18    10.082%

Episode 4   7/15/18    10.567%

Episode 5   7/21/18    10.835%

Episode 6   7/22/18     11.713%

Episode 7   7/28/18     11.114%

Episode 8   7/29/18      12.330%

Episode 9    8/3/18        11.695%

Episode 10   8/4/18      13.534%

Episode 11   8/11/18    12.792%

Episode 12   8/12/18    13.399%

August 12, 2018

"Mr. Sunshine" Criminal Caught by Lee Byung-hun Betrayed Jin Goo

Source: Xportsnews via


On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) started investigating Lee Wan-ik (Kim Eui-sung).

Eugene asked Im Gwan-soo (Jo Woo-jin) about Lee Wan-ik and found out he was on intimate terms with Ito Hirobumi. Later, Eugene started questioning the person he's captured. The man asked for water and medicine, but Eugene ignored him. Then he asked how long he'd been there.

Eugene replied, "You knew you were going to get out". He took out a picture of the man with three other men. In the picture was also Go Ae-shin's (Kim Tae-ri) father.

Eugene said, "This picture must be old. Who are these people? What do they have to do with you?" The man replied, "One is the one I killed and another one is going to kill me". He thought of Go Ae-shin's parents who died because of his betrayal. After he was released, he saw Go Ae-shin and had a seizure.

Mr. Sunshine Roundup Episode 12



Original Source (Sports Chosun via Naver): "Let's go see the sea"…'Mr. Sunshine' Lee Byung Hun ? Kim Tae Ri, reunion ? date

1. [+2755, -33] The day Goo Dong Mae dies, it's going to be a sea of tears

2. [+1738, -499] Because Ae Shin and Eugene match so well in the drama, you don't even think about the age difference.. 

3. [+879, -22] Ae Shin and Eugene's love is nonstop~ Dong Mae doesn't know when to stop seeking after Ae Shin, it's pitiful ??

4. [+768, -49] Byung Hun and Tae Ri's acting is the end. Byung Hun moves just one of the tiny muscles in his eyes. When Tae Ri just turns her head around, they even have details. I want to praise the actors who let me experience this while watching a drama... And on top of that, the writer's lines that go five steps forward... I'll dare say this is the best drama 

5. [+515, -20] It's really fun, how am I supposed to wait until next week but seriously, the preview for next week's episode ?

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Yoo Yeon Seok saves Kim Min Jung..Strange eye contact

1. [+594, -14] Personally, I think Dong Mae ? Hina matches more than Dong Mae ? Ae Shin ??

2. [+367, -3] No but.. ?? Why are they not creating a person for Kim Min Jung to love... Them all loving Kim Tae Ri is a bit too much..

3. [+180, -0] Dong Mae visits the shrine Ae Shin's parents's memorials are at and politely pays his tribute and gives them updates about Ae Shin and confesses his feelings about Ae Shin. When he sadly muttered to himself, "It won't go anywhere, right? Because it's me", I don't know why that looked so dreary and pitiful, *sigh*, sad Goo Dong Mae~~

4. [+123, -4] Ah.. seriously.. Dong Mae.. what are you doing.. They're not even going to give their hearts but he keeps crushing on the girls he likes.. ? this is too much!!!

Mr. Sunshine Roundup Episode 11

ms220.jpgOriginal Source (OSEN via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Kim Tae Ri learns about Lee Byung Hun's plans on leaving Joseon 'Tears'

1. [+2054, -54] The last scene for real gave me chills

2. [+1973, -84] This is Kim Min Jung's life character wow...... I seriously clapped while watching, she's always been pretty and her wardrobe is really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memorable scene, wow seriously that was a scene for Kim Min Jung 

3. [+1320, -86] Kim Tae Ri-nim is really good at acting, her tone and pronunciation is really good 

4. [+1007, -27] "Close your eyes and move to the left"

5. [+614, -43] I got chills at the end... I got chills because of the actors' acting skills... It was simply chilling 

6. [+486, -14] In today's episode, Ae Shin's fiancé was really cool, he told Ae Shin whether she wears his suit to betray the country or fight for the country, when she's in danger, he'll be her shadow so come to him and he'll hide her and that's the reason why he came to Joseon - I thought Hee Sung was only a playboy but for the woman he loves, he's a romanticist who would gladly offer his assistance and also loyal, he's a cool man who enjoys romance     

Original Source (Herald POP via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Lee Byung Hun Kim Tae Ri, their unavoidable farewell..Best rating 14.4% 'first place'

Episode 11's average rating was 12.8%, their highest rating was 14.4%. With other broadcast shows that aired at the same time, 'Mr. Sunshine' was first in place with the highest ratings. 

1. [+484, -27] From Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri to Hamandaek and even Do Mi, everyone is really good at acting

2. [+391, -74] Lee Byung Hun always convinces everyone

3. [+125, -10] The last scene was really amazing

4. [+92, -5] I thought I was dying during the jjajangmyeon scene, I was craving it

5. [+76, -6] Everyone's acting.. It's art..  
Original Source (TV Report via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Byun Yo Han, this dear Kim Tae Ri's shadow, ?ing

1. [+420, -11] Even when a man sees him, Byun Yo Han is really cool and good at acting

2. [+195, -7] He was seriously really, really cool.. Come to me and hide... That it's his honor.....

3. [+187, -9] The characters are all alive - Kim Tae Ri, Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, there's no character whose heart isn't hurting, it's all their destiny and so really sad.. That generation was like that... 

4. [+79, -5] Looking at the thumbnail, I thought of Leslie Cheung and came in but people are saying it's Byun Yo Han 

5. [+69, -7] Why is Byun Yo Han so cool   



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