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July 6, 2018


Source: KpopLove


Park Hyo-Shin confirmed to sing the first OST Track for the upcoming tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine”

On July 6, a source from “Mr. Sunshine” announced Park Hyo-Shin will sing the first OST track for the drama. The title of the song is “The Day,” which is expected to emphasize certain emotions and feelings the drama intends to convey.

Furthermore, Park Hyo-Shin reportedly self-wrote and composed the song. The song contains a soothing melody line from piano and orchestral sound, later accompanied by a big-scale choir. Park directly participated in writing the lyrics and the melody, with a help from lyricist Kim Eana and singer Jung Jae-Il.

In addition, this OST track is especially meaningful since it’s the first OST track by Park in 5 years. The track “The Day” will be released with a music video on July 8 at 12 PM, KST.

Meanwhile, “Mr. Sunshine” is set to begin airing on July 7 on tvN, starring Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Ri, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Min-Jung, and Byun Yo-Han. It will tell a story about a young boy who travels to the U.S. during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo, and later returns to his homeland as a U.S. Marine officer.

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Mr Sunshine on Netflix: How many episodes in the new series?

MR SUNSHINE is a brand new South Korean drama coming to Netflix this month. Here’s everything you need to know about the show including episode count, release date, cast and more.

By MOLLI MITCHELL Express.co.uk

When is Mr Sunshine released on Netflix?

Mr Sunshine will be available to watch and download on Netflix  worldwide on Thursday, July 19.

The series is a new South Korean original drama set during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

It is a mix of dramatised history and fictional wartime romance, written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok who were behind international hits Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

Rob Roy, Vice President of Content Asia for Netflix said: “We have seen so much passion for top quality Korean stories and the pedigree of a title like Mr Sunshine is a significant step forward in building a strong Korean content library for our members around the world.”

How many episodes are in Mr Sunshine on Netflix?

Mr Sunshine will have 24 episodes in total.

All will be available in one go.

The 90-second trailer has been viewed over one million times on YouTube by an international audience.

The trailer features real photos from the historical battle on which the show is based.

What will happen in Mr Sunshine on Netflix?

Mr Sunshine follows the love story between Korean-born US Marine Officer, Eugene Choi (played by Lee Byung-hun) a solider in the resistance movement against Japanese occupation and his romance with Go Ae-sin (Kim Tae-ri) an aristocrats daughter.

Eugene fled Korea after the death of his parents as a young boy on a US Warship during the Shinmiyangyo in 1871.

The Shinmiyangyo is the name of the first United States expedition to Korea. It was the first time the American military were present in Korea to establish political and trade relations.

The incident occurred in response to the Koreans who attacked two American warships on June 1 around the Korean Island of Ganghwa.

On June 10, 650 American sailors and marines and five warships attacked Ganghwa, killing over 200 Korean troops.

Only three Americans died in the battle.

Decades later, when Eugene returns as a US Marine Officer representing America’s national interests, he discovers a plot by Japan to colonise his homeland which was actually successfully colonised from 1910-1945.

Director Lee told a press conference in Seoul: “There are many dramas set in the 1930s when the Japanese occupation of Korea was in full swing.

“But there weren't many dramas - or historical documents for that matter - about the early 1900s when people struggled to protect the country from an impending invasion by Japan.”

Netflix new releases for 2018

Who is in the cast of Mr Sunshine on Netflix?

Well-known South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun plays Eugene Choi, a Korean-American US Marine officer who returns to his country after fleeing conflict in 1871.

Lee Byung-hun is well known for his role as Storm Shadow in G.I Joe and starring alongside Bruce Willis in Red 2 as Han Cho Bai.

Rising star, Kim Tae-ri plays aristocrat’s daughter Go Ae-sin who becomes a patriotic assassin.

This is Kim’s first small-screen debut after her lead role in the critically acclaimed psychological thriller, The Handmaiden.

Mr Sunshine also features South Korean actors Yoo Yeon-seok as Goo Dong-mae, Kim Min-jung as Kudo Hina and Byun Yo-han as Kim Hee-sung.

Mr Sunshine will drop on Netflix on July 19 (broadcast other than Korea, the US, Asia and Japan)

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(thanks to plappi for the highlight at MR.SUNSHINE soompi thread)
Even with the cruel sunlight, that spring was beautiful
Flowers boldly blossomed above the withered grass

What covered me during the long nights was the greenness
So even if my dream is burdensome, I will leave once again
On the day when all wind stops
On the day my longing is allowed
With a heart that won’t hold back
I will call out to you
If at the end of this life
That day won’t come
With a name that won’t sleep
I will call out to you
Our differences is another pain of ours
We’ve closed our eyes to the destiny that aims for us
On the day when all wind stops
On the day my longing is allowed
With a heart that won’t hold back
I will call out to you
If at the end of this life
That day won’t come
With a name that won’t sleep
I will call out to you
On my dried up sea
The red sun only shines once
The faraway dream that can’t be reached
I cannot forget
If at the end of this life
We become one
All of the momentary pain
I will call them green

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