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June 11, 2018

Lee Byung Hun and 'Inside Men' director Woo Min Ho may collaborate again in 'Heads of Nanshan'

Highlight & translation by Barbara at LBHsoompi

On June 5, according to the film industry news, Lee Byung Hun is in positive discussion with “Inside Men” director Woo Min Ho in his new movie “ Heads of Namsan”.

“Heads of Namsan” is a film based on the book of the same name. The book used the Ministers of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency and their planning politics as the material to reveal the inside story of Korean politics.

The film will be a reconstruction based on the stories of Kim Jae Gyu and Kim Hyong Uk, who were both Directors of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. Kim Hyong Uk disappeared when the late President Park Chung Hee was in power.  Until now, the disappearance of Kim Hyong Uk is still a mystery in modern history.  The film is expected to start with the story of Kim Jae Gyu in the centre of the disappearance of Kim Hyong Uk.  Lee Byung Hun was offered the part to play Kim Jae Gyu.

Source:  LBH fan @weibo

June 5, 2018

Lee Byung Hun In Talks To Star In New Film

Source: Soompi by L. Kim

Actor Lee Byung Hun may be appearing in a new movie.

On June 5, his agency BH Entertainment stated, “[Lee Byung Hun] is positively considering ‘Heads of Namsan’ [literal translation].”

“Heads of Namsan” is based on a book of the same name. Lee Byung Hun has been offered the role of Kim Jae Gyu.

The movie will be directed by Woo Min Ho, the same director who led Lee Byung Hun’s movie “Inside Men.” If Lee Byung Hun chooses to accept the role, the two of them will be working together for the second time.

Lee Byung Hun is also starring in upcoming drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which will premiere sometime in July.

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Lee Byung Hun & Woo Min Ho, an INSIDE MEN Reunion?

Source: News1 Star News ++ (ELBH Google-gist)


According to BH Entertainment on June 5, actor Lee Byung Hun has positively reviewed an offer to appear in Dir. Woo Min Ho's new political thriller 'Namsan Managers' (?). The reunion of the record-setting INSIDE MEN combo is quickly becoming a hot topic among industry insiders of Chungmuro.

Looks like the collaboration between the two will finally happen after Lee was unable to commit to Dir. Woo's 2018 movie (Drug King, upcoming release with Song Kang Ho).

Super thanks to Alexandria for the compilation on IG ~

May 8, 2018

Top 5 Korean Movie Lead Actors with highest total admission ~
1. Song Kang Ho (109,654,383)

2. Ha Jung Woo (93,223,570)

3. Hwang Jung Min (92,761,555)

4. Lee Byung Hun (70,056,057) 

5. Kang Dong Won (61,788,907)


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