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June 18, 2018

Actor Lee Byung-hun Is the New Face of Jaeger LeCoultre

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Lee Byung Hun is the next face of "Jaeger-LeCoultre".

Worldwide actor Benedict Cumberbatch was chosen as the brand's leading model in January this year.

Lee Byung Hun's image of a passionate man who doesn't settle with reality and continues making his own way is exactly what Jaeger-LeCoultre wants.

Lee Byung Hun expressed his excitement in becoming the ambassador for the brand.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun is coming back in July with the tvN drama "Mister Sunshine".

June 4, 2018

MONTRES Korea feat. Lee Byung Hun as Jaeger-LeCoultre PR Ambassador

Looks like Lee Byung Hun no longer with CASIO. He's now the PR ambassador for Jaeger Lecoultre and currently featured in MONTRES Korea (Watch Magazine).


Beyond the Wave: Making his presence in Hollywood is global actor Lee Byung Hun. After a long absence from the small screen, he is scheduled to appear in comeback drama 'MR.SUNSHINE' this July.


Photo: Josh Jang

South Korean A-List actor Lee Byung-hun has been named the new brand ambassdor of Jaeger-LeCoultre. And spotted he’s wearing the new Polaris Automatic Blue dial model(Ref. 9008480) 



BH sporting the Jaeger-LeCoultre in LA in 2012 (read previous article here)




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