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May 22, 2018

Lee Byung Hun's Family Outing on Buddha's Birthday

Our thanks to the fans' highlight on twitter, Lee Byung Hun & his family attending Buddha's Birthday celebration. Nice to see JoonHoo with his parents & halmoni.. they really adore their precious little boy.

Looks like Appa's haircut (as Eugene Choi) is much shorter than JH's. 

Clip & photos: ej800126 // Thanks to alatus_deus for the photo highlight

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MJ posted pics of her in Jeju over last weekend (5/19?). Seems that there was a wedding ceremony on the island. BH sent a video-message to the bride+groom, looks like one of them is also a celebrity, I think. Based on various IG posts, presumably MJ went to the same wedding ceremony, BH obviously could not make it due to the ongoing filming.

Photos: MJ @216jung  

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LBH cut: jasmine_jbh (original clip: ory_jeju )

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