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April 10, 2018

Lee Byung-hun's Family Buys 10-story Building for 26 Billion Won and 120 Million Won Monthly Rent

Source: HeraldCorp via


Actor Lee Byung-hun's family bought a building worth 26 billion won.

According to Sky Daily, Lee Byung-hun's mother's Project B just bought in a 10-story building worth 26 billion won in Yangpyung, Seoul.

Project B is a real estate and consulting company that Lee Byung-hun's mother Park Jae-soon is running.

The said building is 2 stories down and 10 stories high and built in 2008. It has a plottage of 1470.79? and total floor space of 7931.75?. It's 2 minutes away from exit 9 of Sunyoudo Station.

According to real estate sources, the building rents out spaces for 4.4 billion in deposit and 120 million in rent and a profit rate of 6%.

April 9, 2018

Lee Byung-hun family purchases 26 billion won building in Yeongdeungpo

Total floor space 2400 pyeong... Monthly rent 120 million won, superb building

Source: SkyeDaily  (ELBH Google-translate)


Actor Lee Byung Hun and his family had purchased a 10-storey commercial building in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul recently. The building has a land area of 1470.79? (about 445 pyung) and a total floor area of 7931.75? (about 2399 pyung).

With 2 floors underground, 10 floors above ground, it was built in 2008. Located in the subway station, which is a 2-minute walk from the Seoul Subway Line No. 9 Seonyudo Station. (Google-gist)

The project concerning the newly-acquired building is being handled by the actor's mother. The area where the building is located has started to emerge as a new commercial attraction after being factory-based in the past.

April 10, 2018

LBH's family company bought 26 billion won 10-storey building

Source: (ELBH Google-translate)


Movie star Lee Byung-hun, has been known to have purchased a building worth 26 billion won.
According to Sky Daily, the project project, run by Lee Byung-hun's mother, bought a building in Yangpyeong-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul for 26 billion won.

'Project B' is a business venture where Lee Byung-hun is represented by his mother Park Jae-sun, also known as a real estate management and consulting company.


'Project B' was revealed to have bought the building in June last year in the name of a corporation. The building purchased was built in 2008 with the structure of 2 stories underground ~ 10 stories above the ground.

The area where the building is located is a 2-minute walk from Seoul Subway Line No. 9 Seonyudo Station.  The land area and the floor area are 1470.79? and 7931.75? respectively.

According to real estate experts, the building is currently a profitable building with a deposit of only 4.4 billion won and monthly rent of 120 million won. 


On the other hand, star couple Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung have been ranked 5th among performers who are good at real estate finance in the past tvN 'The List' program broadcast.  

Most noted especially,  both Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung are known to purchase excellent auction buildings to make profitable profits.


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