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user posted imageGreen Umbrella: Dream with Children

Film-making: Green Umbrella Children Care Donation Campaign feat. Lee Byung Hun

Uploaded on November 8, 2016 by Childfund Korea

November 3, 2016

Lee Byung Hun's calm voice narration of a warm winter donation campaign

Source: Nate ++ (ELBH Google-translate)

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Actor Lee Byung Hun have participated in a video message for the Green Umbrella Children Foundation's ongoing children campaign. The winter campaign video 'This Day' which will be released on November 4 is aimed not only for young children suffering from serious illnesses but also to ease the hearts of the parents and family affected.

Lee Byung Hun who recorded the video message on October 18 had listened to the stories of sick children and their families going through the ordeal which let the actor with a calm & comforting voice deliver the message with heartfelt meaning and true intention.

Previously, Lee Byung Hun, along with the Green Umbrella Foundation for Children in 2011, had met with children in Mali as part of a relief project which he helped heal the African children who lost their eyesight to cataract in sponsored eye operations. The foundation, Lee Byung Hun and other Korean celebrities also provided volunteer services in setting up solar panels for electricity plus clean water taps.

An official from the Green Umbrella Foundation said, "Lee Byung Hun has always been keen to help the children even in his most busy schedule. He is a true actor who conveys his sincerity for genuine causes. I would like to ask for meaningful activities that will bring more hope for the little children and their families needing help in the future. "

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The Green Umbrella Children Foundation Campaign videos narrated by Lee Byung Hun

Uploaded on November 1, 2016 by Childfund Korea

Not only a sick child feels the pain, a mother suffers more

An illness affects all, a sibling feels the hurt

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