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June 12, 2015

Will Lee Byung-hun promote 'Terminator 5' or shun the limelight?

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Hollywood's fifth "Terminator" film is set for release in Korea this July and local media is wondering whether Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, who plays a supporting role, will actively promote the film or stay out of the public limelight.

Lee received heightened publicity last April for being cast in the action sequel "Terminator Genisys," which he concluded shooting four months later in August.

Shortly afterwards, the married actor was embroiled in a cheating and blackmail scandal involving two women, who threatened to release a clip of the three of them drinking and making sexual jokes.

The women demanded he pay them 5 billion won ($4.5 million) in exchange for not publicizing the damaging clip. Lee filed a lawsuit against the two women, a singer and a model both in their 20s, in response. The women were given jail sentences in March of between a year and a year and two months, suspended for two years.

Lee has publicly apologized to his family and maintained a low profile, while shooting other Hollywood films such as "Rush Hour 4" and "The Magnificent Seven."

He has said that he will remain by his family's side, having welcomed his first child -- a son -- with actress wife Lee Min-jung in March.

"Nothing has been decided (about Lee's promotions for the film). As we understand it, Lee Byung-hun is currently abroad for a filming project, which is why we have not decided specific promotional plans," said distributor Lotte Entertainment, cited by local media.

Both Lee and Lotte appear to be taking a cautious stance regarding the film's publicity in Korea.

Local media has said that while Lee may be able to fly under the radar this time, as he plays only a supporting role in the film, he will be forced to step out into the limelight and be made subject to public scrutiny later this year.

Two Korean films "Memories of the Sword" and "The Insiders" are scheduled for release later this year and will heavily depend on Lee, who plays the main character in both films, for their promotions.

The fifth installment of the "Terminator" franchise, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke hits Korean theaters on July 2.

By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

Lee Byung Hun promotional activities for "Terminator 5" still unknown


Actor Lee Byung Hun has emerged from his private life and into the public's eyes once again since returning from America with his wife Lee Min Jung in February as he prepares to return to his activities.

The fifth film in the Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys, is set to be released next month in July and many are looking forward to the promotional activities all the lead actors will be undergoing, including Lee Byung Hun.

According to foreign media reports, the film has expanded their promotional activities to reach Japan and China where the cast will arrive in early July. However, Lee Byung Hun will be absent.

A PR from the film tells TV Report that they are currently in the process of deciding whether film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clark will be visiting South Korea as part of the promotions.

BH Entertainment states that Lee Byung Hun is currently in America filming for The Magnificent 7 and discussion is still ongoing as to whether he will be attending Terminator Genisys promotions.

Lee Byung Hun was embroiled in a controversy that soon led to a publicized lawsuit after he was blackmailed for 5 billion won, or $4.5 million dollars, in August 2014 through January 2015 by a female singer and female model.

Source: TV Report


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