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June 15, 2014

Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung attending Jo Seung Woo's 'Hedwig' musical play

There have been highlights on twitter that today 06/15 (Sunday), the star couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were spotted attending Jo Seung Woo's musical play 'HEDWIG'.

Lee Byung Hnn will be collaborating with Jo Seung Woo in the upcoming movie 'The Insiders' which will start filming in July. The webtoon-based movie has been tentatively set for release early 2015.

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Our gratitude to saturn. at JSW-soompi for this lovely tidbits ^^

June.15 Sunday Hedwig review. (cr: DC JSW gall)

Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jeong couple came. They sat on the most rear seat at 1st floor.

Actually G row is invitation seat, the rear seat was unexpected. They watched till the encore stage. Lee Min Jeong really enjoyed the show, showed active reaction. (LMJ had came to Jekyll&Hyde, too)

LBH once laughed out loud at "After that, I was recruited by many places, such as, Mcdonald, KFC, Pizza, I sang in front of chicken frying oven."

Hedwig sang medly of songs, Seo Taiji-I know & Comeback home, Rain- How to avoid sun, IU-Good day.

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