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November 13, 2013

Lee Byung Hun, narrating SBS Documentary "The Last Power" after "The Last Empire"

Source: Star News l Nate l Poster from Naver blog, highlighted at PlanetBH0712

Our thanks to mistymorning at LBH-soompi for the translation ^^

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Actor Lee Byung Hun will be narrating SBS' Special 5-part Documentary "Last Power" which is a series of documentaries after previous features, "Last Tundra" in 2011 and "Last Empire" in 2012. This has been revealed at the production press conference held on November 13.

"Last Empire" had also been narrated by Lee Byung Hun in 2012 and now "Last Power", it'll be 5 parts altogether -- consisting parts 1 and 2 is titled "7 Big Men", part 3 "King and I", part 4 "#1 Power: Money" and part 5 "People, the last power"

November 14, 2013

Lee Byung-Hun, takes the narration of "Final Power"

Source: Innolife Korea

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Lee Byung-Hun became the narrator of 'Final Power'.

Lee Byung-Hun will meet viewers for his voice, taking charge of the narration of ‘Final Power', SBS special documentary series. ‘Final Power' is the series of ‘Final', following ‘Final Tundra', and ‘Final Empire'. It is the newest documentary of the production crews of ‘Final Empire', which received favorable comments for the story.

It will be aired for ‘Seven Big Man', showing the tracking of seven politicians with different ideology, and how people exercise leadership in hard situation. At ‘Seven Big Man', Jung Bong-Joo the former Democrats, Son Soo-Jo the assemblyman of Saenooridang, Chun Ho-Sun the representative of Jungwuidang, Geum Tae-Sub lawyer, Park Hyung-Joon the formal state minister of Blue House, Jung Eun-Hye spokeswoman, and Cha Myung-Jin the former assemblyman of Saenoori.

Meanwhile 'Final Power' will be first aired on the 16th.

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