Not only the new and younger actors wishing to emulate Lee Byung Hun, the senior & veteran actors have also shown appreciation for Lee Byung Hun's acting ability and his humbleness in the industry.

June 21, 2013

What the veteran actors think of Lee Byung Hun

Our thanks to mistymorning at for the warmly-translated gist smile.gif Great comments by popular and well-known veteran actors/personalities on Lee Byung Hun.

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1. Actor Park_Geun_Hyung (73, Korean article)

Veteran actor Park Geun Hyung watched the movie "Masquerade", and he picked Lee Byung Hun as a junior whom he considered as good actor. PGH said, "LBH's acting was really great. I was sorry to think why he was in USA. I want him to stay in Korea and do the great acting here" and "Want to be in the same project"

2. Actress Lee_Mi Sook (53, Korean article)

In appreciation of LBH's acting skill in the movie Masquerade, actress Lee Mi Sook she envied his acting 2 roles. As an actor, such project would be really interesting and rewarding. She wanted to do such roles, that she can put all of herself to the role.

3. Theater actress Son Sook (69, interview clip)

Aactress Son Sook who is famous on stage plays wanted to do a melodrama with LBH

Q. Which actors do you like ?

A. I have plenty. I don't want to do melo with actors older than me. I want to do it with Lee Byung Hun. Before, I asked LJJ to do melo play together. The answer was "Of course". LBH is really sexy. Watching "Masquerade" I think his acting is at the peak too. I was joking when I said I want to do melo with him, but having him as son in the play would be great too. And I like soccer player Ki Sung-Young, too.

4. Legendary singer Patti Kim (75, Korean article)

She picked Lee Byung Hun as her ideal type and said "When I meet him, I'm going to ask him to show me his six pack" LOL..

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Actor Lee Soon Jae (78, Naver article)

In an interview about the attitude of current young stars that they only cared for their scenes and went back in the car, without seeing other actors' scenes and surrounding. Actor Lee Soon Jae said, in the old times, actors sat by their places from eldest to the youngest and he mentioned Lee Byung Hun, Lee Jung Jae all did the same and were never disrespectful.

He continued to say that the (young) LBH even did the coffee orders, too. (Doesn't this ring a bell? No wonder LBH said that he might be serving coffee at the RED 2 filming set since all the main cast except CZJ were much older than him)

Actor Shin Young-Gyun (85, article)

When asked which current actor he likes:

"There are lots of good actors/actresses. If I were to pick one, I choose LBH. Lee Byung-Hun seems to perform really well with given characters"

October 10, 2012

Actor Park Geun Hyung Praised Lee Byung Hun's Performance in 'Gwanghae'

Source: Nate 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l 10 l 11 l 12 l 13 l 14

Actor Park Geun Hyung appeared on KBS2 Win Win TalkShow on October 9 and he mentioned about Lee Byung Hun. The veteran actor who had seen 'Gwanghae' highly praised LBH's performance in the movie and that good Korean actors would/should continue to work in Korea, rather than going to Hollywood..

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