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Published on 14 March 2013 NauticaKorea

March 21, 2013

Nautica: Emotion Mood TV Ad Concept

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Byung Hun, face of NAUTICA

Source: bnt news via PH Yahoo! l l stardailynews l

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[by Kang Jung yeon] Couple pictorial of Korean actress Oh Yeon seo and Korean actor Lee Byung hun has released.

They are currently working as an American outdoor brand NAUTICA. The first commercial photo of NAUTICA catches eyes with strong emotion mood.

In the TV commercial, these two made a strong eye contact with each other and camera in the beach looking cool like summer breeze.

The products Oh Yeon seo and Lee Byung hun wore in every NAUTICA store. (photo by NAUTICA)


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