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March 8, 2013

Will Lee Byung Hun talk about his relationship with Lee Min Jung on 'Healing Camp'?

by jennywill

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The biggest Hallyu actor Lee Byung Hun will be appearing on ‘Healing Camp‘!

Even though the actor has been incredibly busy ever since he set foot successfully into Hollywood, he found time to make an appearance on the variety show. It's so rare to see him on a variety show, and since ‘Healing Camp' is where celebrities come and open up to talk about everything, viewers are already anticipating what he'll say.

According to the staff, the filming for the show occurred on the 6th, and even though it went on for a long time, he never lost his smile and sense of humor. He talked about everything he'd kept in secret, so many are hoping he also opened up about his relationship with actress Lee Min Jung.

The episode featuring Lee Byung Hun will air on the 11th!

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Lee Byung Hun To Appear on "Healing Camp"

by Staff Writer KDramaStars

Hallyu mega star Lee Byung Hun will make his first variety appearance in a long time in the SBS show.

It was recently revealed that the actor, will open up about many things in SBS' "Healing Camp."

The actor filmed the show in March 6th, and it was said, he was all smiles. On the show he will talk about his successful acting career, his entry onto Hollywood, and his love life.

Many are expecting to hear more details on his relationship with actress Lee Min Jung, as well as his ultra private life.

His agency said, "Since this was the first time in a long time that he appear in a variety show, he made sure to share many details, to please his loyal fans. So please expect a lot from him."
The show will air Lee Byung Hun's honest interview, this upcoming March 11th.

Meanwhile, the actor is super busy promoting his Hollywood movie, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," which will air in a few days, on March 28th, in America. The actor also finished filming for his other Hollywood movie "RED 2" that will air on August 2, 2013.

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