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January 17, 2013

Lee Byung Hun, New TV commercial for Nestle Korea's Nescafé revealed [KSTAR]

TopStarNews / Hannah Kang Reporter

Lee Byung Hun's commercial for Nescafé was released On January 16, Nestle Korea released the new television commercial for Nescafé, which features Lee Byung Hun, the actor who received high praise for his work in the movie Gwanghae as a talkative guy.

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⊂ Photo = Lee Byung Hun, Nestle Korea

Lee Byung Hun's first commercial as Nestle Korea's endorsement model aired in September and used his low voice and profound eyes to express the fact that Nescafé has been the number one coffee brand in Korea for 75 years. The commercial that was newly launched contained Lee Byung Hun's cute expressions and image as a mischievous guy to radiate a different kind of charm The concept for the new commercial is 'Begin with chatter!' It contains the message that great conversations start with Nescafé coffee and uses refreshing music and a comical story to express it. In the commercial, although everyone is in the same place, they are unable to talk because they are busy making coffee. Then, however, real conversation starts as they begin drinking Nescafé coffee.

January 16, 2013

New Nescafé TV CF Transforms Lee Byung Hun into a 'sweet chatter'

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Nescafe model, actor Lee Byung-hun [Nestlé Korea]

The King Gwanghae of Masquerade, Lee Byung-hun has been transformed into a sweet chatter in the new Nescafé TV commercial which will be the second feature for the actor since becoming the advertising model for the coffee brand last September.

Through Lee Byung-hun's bass voice and sweet eyes shown in the new CF for the No. 1 global coffee brand over 75 years, the newly launched ad featured the actor's cute expressions, playful and naughty look matching the exotic charm of Nescafé.

Following the concept of starting a chatter, Nescafé initiates a pleasant and real conversation between friends whom were busy and too engrossed in electronic devices.

The Nescafé TV ad was posted on Facebook gathering comments from netizens saying "Lee Byung-hun and Nescafé looks good", "warm feeling" giving a good online response.

user posted image Source: NescaféKorea l Facebook

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