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The Fragrance of Love 사랑의 향기 Scent of Love (1994)

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Fragrance of Love 사랑의 향기 (1994)
Starring: Lee Byung hun, Choi Jin Sil, Kim Young Ae, Lee Jeong Kil, Jeon Do Yeon, Oh Dae Kyu
Director: Koh Heung Sik
Production: SBS, 1994
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Synopsis: The story of fragrance of love centred to 3 different love stories in a single-mother (Kim Young Ae) family. Young-Jin, the first daughter (Choi Jin Sil) works at animation company. She has been had a boy friend with a long term relationship, but when met Jun Ho (Lee Byung Hun), she found JH as her faith. She broke up with her old boy friend. They both fell in love quickly, but Young-Jin's mother was not allowed YJ to marry Jun Ho. Jun Ho does not have parent and his grandmother had to bring him up. He is also very poor, so YJ's mother does not want YJ to marry poor guy. Eventually, they get married against YJ's mother's will and they showed how strong a true love can be. Thanks to PlanetBH0712, Shirley & WeiLin for the synopsis-info

The scent of love No.1

The scent of love No.2

The scent of love No.3

The scent of love No.4

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