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June 30. 2012

'Entertainment Weekly' Interview with Ahn Sung Ki & Lee Byung Hun
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Our gratitude to Felicia Soh at LBH-soompi for the fabulous transcript from KBS World. We really appreciate this wonderful sharing from the bottom of our hearts! ^^

Narrated by the Interviewer :

On the Walk of Fame of World Stars, I met Korean actors not Hollywood actors. Entertainment Weekly is on the Walk of Fame. Two Korean actors will be the 1st Asian actors to leave their prints today.

Interviewer : INT

Ahn Sung-ki : ASK

Lee Byung-hun : LBH

INT to viewers : Are you curious, follow me?

Caption : Rising Star, Lee Byung-hun and Korea's favorite, Ahn Sung-ki are leaving their handprints and footprints in Hollywood.

Entertainment Weekly was there for this historic moment! They will join Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Tom Cruise on the Walk of Fame. I am so proud, said the INT.

We had an interview at the Chinese Theatre.

INT : You just had your hands printed, right?

On June 23, there was a hand printing event at the Chinese Theatre. It was a momentous event as the 1st Asian actors made their handprints. But are they fighting? (The camera captured the two of them in a "fighting" position) What was that for? It turned out that they were just helping each other with the printing (apparently, they were pressing {lending forces} on each other's shoulder so that the prints will turn out sharper).

Screen showing their prints --> here, their prints on Hollywood!

INT : How does it feel?

LBH : I came here when I was a boy and I took pictures in front of all the prints of my favorite actors. So, it's like a dream come true to be able to do this myself.

INT : Anything you did for this special event?

LBH : Nothing special, I was just myself.

ASK : These shoes are what I wear in Seoul – a Korean product!

INT : Oh, really?

ASK : I'm going to tell the store about it. "I did it with yours. Give me a new pair!"

INT : Korean shoes prints in Hollywood!

INT referring to ASK : He is a true Korean Star.

LBH : I got many scars on my hand filming "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" (camera focusing/highlighting the scars mark on LBH's palm). A few years later the scars began to swell. I went to a doctor for surgery but he said I had to have stitches for two weeks, so I didn't.

INT referring to LBH : He delayed the treatment for the sake of this event and just endured the pain.

Camera focused on LBH print --> "Truly meaningful and proud print"

INT directing to ASK : You've been an actor for 54 years and (referring to LBH) you, 20 years – that's 74 years all together!

LBH : I'm merely sauce on a main dish.

ASK : (Laugh)…

INT to ASK : What do you think of LBH?

ASK : When I see Lee, whoa….he is persistent and committed. He is an actor with an amazing ability to focus.

INT to LBH : When did you first see ASK?

LBH : When I was in high school, I went to Myeongdong once, my friend said. "Hey, there's a movie actor!" When I looked, it was him. He wore red pants.

ASK : I did!

LBH : And he had the most colorful jacket. Back then and even now, I thought what kind of fashion is that!

Caption : ASK was speechless at this remarks.

ASK : I have this great desire to wear colorful clothes. However, I can't.

Back to the event scene…..

Many fans came that day and the actors' families came all the way to cheer for them. Other top film directors, world class directors and Hollywood actors were all present to celebrate the event.

INT : Your resolution for the future?

LBH : I've only done a few projects and I'm new here. After this event, I thought that I should work harder to be an actor worthy of this.

ASK : Is less about what we did well and more about the rising reputation of Korean film that we came to benefit from. We are just lucky guys.

INT : Witnessing the historic moment, I am a lucky woman as well. We hope to see both actors go beyond Korean and into the world!

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