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Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King 광해:왕이된 남자 Masquerade
2012 Korean Historical Movie version of 'The Prince & Pauper'

Nationwide Korean Release September 13, 2012
US Debut at LACMA Film Independent September 14, 2012
North American Release September 21, 2012
Opening Film at Atlanta Korean Film Festival 2012, October 5-12

Official Links: New King 2012 (Korea) l Masquerade (US) l Twitter l Facebook l Blog

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CJ Entertainment brings the historical drama "Masquerade" to North American theaters on September 21st. Set in the seventeenth century, "Masquerade" was written by the co-writer of "Old Boy" and stars Lee Byeong-Heon (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and "A Bittersweet Life") in one of this fall's most riveting tales.

"One must not record that which he wishes to hide".
-February 28, 1616

The tyrant of the century, or the tragic monarch?
History remembers one king with two faces.

Gwang-hae was the fifteenth king of the Chosun dynasty.

Though the threat of assassination and conspiracy made him a tyrant,
Secret history indicates that out of the fifteen years of rule,
Gwanghae was a good and wise king for fifteen days.

He ensured the safety of the palace's most lowly servants
And lamented the fate of the kingdom's slaves and concubines.
Rather than protect his throne, he worried for the people's livelihood.

He was the King that the people of Chosun had always dreamt of.

But on February 28, 1616
Gwanghae left the following entry in his journal:

"One must not record that which he wishes to hide".

And 15 days from the Annals of the Chosun Dynasty disappeared forever.

A man not meant to be king.

Coming this fall is the hotly anticipated historical drama "Masquerade", starring Korea's world star Lee Byeong-Heon and written by "Old Boy" co-writer, Hwang Jo-yoon. The versatile actor LEE (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and "A Bittersweet Life") plays the dual lead as both the tragic King Gwanghae and that of the commoner who shares a fatefully remarkable resemblance to the ruler, Ha-Seon. Deeply embroiled in palace intrigue which aims to assassinate the ruler, King Gwang-Hae orders his trusted councilor Heo Kyun to find him a body double. When the King collapses from a mysterious poison, Ha-seon must carry off the biggest "Masquerade" of his career to save the country from chaos while under imminent threat of death. Acclaimed character actor Ryoo Seung-yong ("Everything about my Wife", "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon") and rising star Han Hyo-joo ("Always") appear in supporting roles as the councilor and the queen, respectively.

"Masquerade" is a film that uses the true premise of 15 days that are missing from the Annals of the Chosun Dynasty. It is the first film about the controversial figure of King Gwanghae, and one that is garnering attention for being one of the most anticipated historical dramas of the year. Humor and fear accompany the commoner Ha-seon as he undergoes the steps to become a true king, and as an untold side to the tragic King Gwanghae is unveiled.

November 18, 2011

Lee Byung-hun to star as King of Joseon
Source: KOBIZ

Top Korean star Lee Byung-hun is set to play the lead in CJ E&M Pictures' Masquerade (working title). Lee's management agency BH Entertainment announced that he is confirmed to star in the historical drama to be directed by Choo Chang-min (Late Blossom) and written by Hwang Jo-yun (Old Boy). Choo previously directed the hit comedy Mapado: Island of Fortunes (2004) and the romantic senior citizen drama Late Blossom which became a sleeper hit through word of mouth after it was released in February this year.

Masquerade is a sort of "The Prince and the Pauper" story where a commoner of the lowest class takes the place of the ruling monarch Gwanghaegun and comes to realize all that the position entails. The Korean title translates as "I Am a/the King of Joseon". Lee will act in both the roles of the charismatic king and the sympathetic commoner, with a romantic connection with the queen as well. The film is due to start shooting early 2012 with a budget of US$8 million.

Lee Byung-hun to star in Choo Chang-min's Masquerade
Shooting is due to begin on the $8m costume drama for South Korean studio CJ E&M

BY JEAN NOH Screen Daily

Leading South Korean studio CJ E&M confirms top star Lee Byung-hun is set to play the lead in historical drama Masquerade (working title). The Prince and the Pauper" type story is to be directed by Choo Chang-min, whose drama Late Blossom became a word-of-mouth sleeper hit earlier this year. Screenwriter Hwang Jo-yun, whose credits include Old Boy, is writing the script.

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, the costume drama Masquerade will feature Lee playing two roles - a charismatic monarch and the sympathetic commoner who takes his place and learns about the realities of ruling. The story also involves a love connection with the queen. Although veteran director Kang Woo-suk (Silmido) was previously reported to be attached to the project, Choo has been locked to direct. In addition to his recent heartwarming and romantic hit Late Blossom, he had also proved his abilities with the hit comedy Mapado: Island of Fortunes (2004).

Production: Realize Pictures, CJ E&M
Director: Choo Chang Min (Mapado, Late Blossom)
Screenwriter: Hwang Jo Yoon (Old Boy)

Movie Links: wikipedia l asianmediawiki l Nate l Naver l

Captures from PlanetBH0712 courtesy New King Blog as stated

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user posted image The King Gwanghee / Beggar Ha Sun Lee Byung Hun

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user posted image Heo Gyun Ryu Seung Ryong (Dramawiki l Nate)

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