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July 5, 2010

Lee Byung-hun, Wonder Girls, 2PM will promote Seoul
By Kwon Mee-yoo Staff reporter

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Actor Lee Byung-hun appears with a Japanese tourist in an advertisement
for Seoul City airing in Japan. / Courtesy of Seoul City

Actor Lee Byung-hun and singers 2PM and the Wonder Girls filmed separate television commercials for a special overseas promotion of Seoul City targeting specific countries.

Lee was selected for the Japanese version which started airing from Sunday. He presents the "Lively Touch" of Seoul by visiting Gwanghwamun, Cheonggye Stream, Myeong-dong and Seonyudo Park with Japanese tourists. He will be designated a global honorary ambassador of the capital city in August

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A commercial aired in China from June 28 is themed "Romantic Touch" Seoul, featuring girl group Wonder Girls as guest stars in an amusement park and restaurant. This version aims to show off the stylish and romantic parts of Seoul.

Popular idol group 2PM appeared in the "Fascinating Touch" Seoul version for Southeast Asian countries. In the commercial the six-member group plays with young visitors from the region and participates in cultural events held throughout Seoul.

The advertisement for America titled "Timeless Touch" portrays Seoul's 600 year history and the state-of-the-art information technology of the capital. A video of the filming of the commercials and interviews with the stars is available on YouTube.

"Influential 'hallyu,' (Korean wave), stars appear in these commercials for Seoul tourism and we expect a good response from the word of mouth spread by their fans," a city official said. Seoul started overseas marketing in 2008 and tourists to the capital city increased 13.4 percent last year. "Seoul was ranked third in a list of 'The 31 Places to Go in 2010' by the New York Times in January and the preference for the city is continuously increasing as a result of overseas marketing," the official said.

Secret date in Seoul with Lee Byung Hun (TV commercial for Japan)

July 6, 2010

Lee Byung Hun, Wonder Girls and 2PM to Promote Seoul City
Source: KBS Global

Seoul city official announced on July 5 that Seoul city will broadcast four kinds of TV commercials to promote Seoul city in foreign countries, in which Hallyu stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Wonder Girls, and 2PM appear. The advertising commercials for Seoul city were made in order to inform the world of the attractiveness of Seoul city, and the contents and themes were differentiated by different regions targeting Japan, China, South-East Asian countries, and countries in Europe and the American continent.

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Wonder Girls in commercial for China

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Lee Byung Hun in commercial for in Japan

Lee Byung Hun, who will be appointed as a global honorary ambassador of Seoul city, appeared in a promotion commercial to be broadcast in Japan. He showed off attractive and lively Seoul city by visiting places such as Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon, Seonyudo Park, Apgujeong-dong, and Myeong-dong along with Japanese tourists, and the commercial used the theme of "Lively Touch" to show the overflowing passion, energy, pleasure, and vitality of Seoul.

The commercial for China focused on the romantic lifestyle of Seoul city with the theme of "Romantic Touch." It was filmed like a romantic movie to reveal Seoul's romantic and stylish lifestyle. In the commercial, members of the Wonder Girls made cameo appearances in scenes filmed at an amusement park and restaurant.

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▲ 2PM in commercial for South-East Asian countries

In a commercial for South-East Asian countries that used the theme of "Fascinating Touch" to present Hallyu culture and a fascinating exotic atmosphere, 2PM appeared with young people from South-East Asian countries and they enjoyed the culture of Seoul together. The commercial for Europe and America will introduce both the modern and traditional appearance of Seoul city under the theme of "Timeless Touch." It shows the city transcending time and space by keeping cutting edge IT technology and the history of 600 years together.

The commercials began airing from June 28 in China and July 4 in Japan, and the TV commercials for South-East Asian and Europe and America will begin airing from the beginning of next month.

A video showing the filming of those commercials along with pictures of the star actor and singers and interview images will be provided online through YouTube.


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