LBH quiz October 22th, 2011

And the winners are....

1 - Ayu from Japan with 50 correct answers
2 - luwali 196 from Hong Kong with 49 correct answers
3 - parkmisoo from the USA with 43 correct answers

well done!

First of all, please allow us to thank everyone who took part in the quiz. To those, who did not, thinking it was too difficult - please do take part next time, this is not an exam, this is just for fun - and you might even win. As you can see, no one managed to get all the answers right - which is ok, everyone had fun.

We will be getting in touch with the winners to get their prizes sent to them.. in fact, we decided to also give small tokens to everyone who took part (there were nine participants in total) - so we will be getting in touch with all of you. Thank you everyone for playing with us!

If you want to see the correct answers - please scroll down.

everythingLBH 1st anniversary quiz - answers

To see the correct answer, mouse over it - it will highlight in red. Please note that there were 2 questions where we discovered that our answer may not be correct (34 and 58 - sorry about that, next time we will check our facts better). However it did not affect the final results, so here we provide the answers they way we meant them to be correct.

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Question 1: If the photobook 'A Monochrome Man in A Monochrome City' was shot in Paris, where was the recent 'A Man' photographed?

Question 2: In the Korea National Tourism Organisation promotion film 'Sunshine in Korea' with Lee Byung Hun and Chiaki Kuriyama, a Japanese icon was featured. What was it?

 Hello Kitty
 Maneki Neko
Question 3: What transportation besides the train is Lee Byung Hun riding in the 'Sunshine in Korea' film?

Question 4: Which Chinese superstar did Lee Byung Hun meet at the Versace Fashion Show in Beijing in 2008?

 Jackie Chan
 Donnie Yen
 Jet Li
Question 5: For the 2008 Cannes Film festival, where Lee Byung Hun arrived from to attend the premiere?

Question 6: How long did the filming of The Good, The Bad and The Weird in China last?

 50 days
 100 days
 200 days
Question 7:

In which Lee Byung Hun's drama was this coffee of love featured?

 All In
 Beautiful Days
Question 8: When Lee Byung Hun met with Juju Chang from Good Morning America in Seoul last year, it was for:

 coffee date
 soccer match
Question 9: Lee Byung Hun has mesmerizing and penetrating eyes with charismatic leadership charisma quality in him. Who said this?

 the late Andre Kim
 Dir. Park Chan Wook
 Dir. Stephen Sommers
Question 10: Which movie featured an underwater kiss scene between Lee Byung Hun and his leading lady?

 Kill the Love
Question 11: In which movie did Lee Byung Hun play a student and an old professor?

 Everyone has a Secret
 Bungee Jumping of Their Own
 Once in a Summer
Question 12: In Bistro Smap (2009) what gift did Lee Byung Hun give to the winning team?

 IRIS sunglasses
 LBH iPod
 BH&C hats
Question 13: The Orgel music box was All In's unique item. Which personage was the Beautiful Day's mascot?

Question 14: Which Lee Byung Hun movie had been remade by Hollywood, starring Sarah Michelle-Geller?

 A Bittersweet Life
Question 15: Lee Byung Hun's cousin who is also an actor is called:

 Sean Richard
Question 16: Lee Byung Hun was in Barcelona in 2010 for:

 Fan Meeting
 Film Festival
 CF Filming
Question 17: After The Influence press conference in March 2010, Lee Byung Hun had left for a break and photo-shoot at which vacation spot?

 New York
Question 18: How many SmapXSmap related programs had Lee Byung Hun appeared on?

Question 19: Who gave Lee Byung Hun the dark prayer-bead bracelet that he wears all the time?

 A friend
 A family member
Question 20: In which movie was Lee Byung Hun romancing the film director's wife?

 Everyone Has a Secret
 I Come With The Rain
 Rise of Cobra
Question 21: Where did Lee Byung Hun's international catwalk with Andre Kim take place?

Question 22: For VOGUE Nov 2009 cover, Lee Byung Hun had graced the cover with which Hollywood actor?

 Channing Tatum
 Ray Park
 Josh Hartnett
Question 23: Who is Lee Byung Hun's favorite American actor?

 Tom Hanks
 Kevin Spacey
 Johnny Depp
Question 24: What is Lee Byung Hun's favorite coffee? Kim Hyun Jun ordered this in the IRIS cafe scene in Hungary.

 iced coffee
 coffee and butter
Question 25: Which superhero icon did young Kim Hyun Jun want to be?

 Storm Shadow
Question 26: In IRIS, how did Hyun Jun return to South Korea?

 president's pardon
 he was caught by NSS
 with a fishing boat hijacked by North Korean terrorists
Question 27: How was Hyun Jun spotted by NSS at the Busan port despite having a new identification?

 the way he looked
 the way he talked
 the way he walked
Question 28: Why was Sun Woo tortured in A Bittersweet Life?

 he ran away with his boss' mistress
 he stole from his employer
 he wouldn't apologize
Question 29: Lee Byung Hun's Someday (Itsuka) was played as a background music in which CF?

 Kia K7
 Hyundai Veloster
Question 30: At whose wedding Lee Byung Hun acted as the host of the ceremony?

 Jang Dong Gun
 Lee Beom Soo
 Jung Jun Ho
Question 31: What domestic award did Lee Byung Hun receive for GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 2009?

 Baeksang Popularity award
 Blue Dragon Popularity Award
 KBS Netizen Award
Question 32: BH&C (Lee Byung Hun's Star Shop) is managed by:

 BH Entertainment
 Lee Eun Hee
 Choi Ji Woo
Question 33: Which menswear endorsement was a collaboration with Lee Byung Hun & UNICEF charity drive?

Question 34: Which dramas/movies earned Lee Byung Hun the Baeksang Best Actor award recognition?

 All In, Addiction, IRIS
 All In, A Bittersweet Life, I Saw the Devil
 All In, IRIS, The Influence
Question 35:

What are Hyun Jun and Sun Hwa doing?

 watching a movie
 hacking into the NSS
 downloading a song
Question 36: When was Lee Byung Hun awarded the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters?

Question 37: Lee Byung Hun was injured while filming IRIS episode 12. What happened to him?

 he sprained his ankle
 eye injury due to gunpowder
 a finger cut
Question 38: Lee Byung Hun's favorite city in the US is:

 New York
 San Francisco
 Los Angeles
Question 39: Which of these ladies was Lee Byung Hun's partner in the Chasecult brand series?

 Shim Eun Ha
 Choi Ji Woo
 Lee Eun Joo
Question 40: For which movie did Lee Byung Hun waive his professional fee and worked for free?

Everyone Has A Secret
Three, Extremes
Question 41: In Bungee Jumping of Their Own, Lee Byung Hun's character was a teacher and he had

 a daughter
 a son
Question 42: Which of these is one of the most significant and intimate items found in Addiction?

Question 43: What is Lee Byung Hun's favorite sport/leisure apart from golf?

Question 44: At the set of which drama series Lee Byung Hun & Song Seung Hun first met and later became close buddies?

 Happy Together
 White Nights 3.98
 Beautiful My Lady
Question 45: A song sang by Lee Byung Hun was featured in Happy Together. It was called:

 For a Last Love
 I'll Give You All
Question 46: There's a musical instrument in one of the rooms of Lee Byung Hun's house. What is it?

 a grand piano
 a guitar
 a set of drums
Question 47: In Addiction, before becoming a race-car driver, Dae Jin was

 a photographer
 a teacher
 a manager
Question 48: Which item in Addiction gave away the true nature of Dae-jin's 'new' identity?

 secret diary
 broken necklace
Question 49: Which of these famous American landmarks was featured in All In?

 Yellowstone Park
 Niagara Falls
 The Grand Canyon
Question 50: Besides perhaps eventually becoming a movie director, Lee Byung Hun has another dream which is finally coming true:

 to travel around the world
 to start a managing company
 to open a movie theater
Question 51: In 2010, Lee Byung Hun collaborated in a photo exhibition in Tokyo with which international designer?

 Karl Lagerfeld
 Donatella Versace
 Andre Kim
Question 52: In Bungee Jumping of Their Own, where was In Woo going on the fateful night of the accident?

 furthering his studies
 visiting his parents
 leaving for his military service
Question 53: In Harmonium in My Memory, what was Su Ha's favorite pastime?

 reading poetry
 listening to LPs
 playing the piano
Question 54:

This shot of Lee Byung Hun's bare foot appears in:

 A Bittersweet Life
 Three, Extremes
Question 55: Lee Byung Hun directed a music video for which Kim Jee Woon movie?

 A Bittersweet Life
 The Good The Bad The Weird
 I Saw the Devil
Question 56: In 'The Influence', why was Lee Byung Hun's character shot by the soldiers?

 he was a car thief
 he was a spy
 he was impersonating the Crown Prince, helping him to escape
Question 57: In The Good, The Bad and The Weird, Lee Byung Hun was initially cast to play:

 The Good
 The Bad
 The Weird
Question 58: When was BH Entertainment established?

Question 59: Lee Byung Hun's character in Happy Together receives a gift from Kim Ha Neul's character - what is it?

 a bicycle
 a book
 a pair of shoes
Question 60: In 'The Road', Lee Byung Hun's character bought Christmas presents for:

 his girlfriend
 kids at the orphanage
 his colleagues


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