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September 12, 2011

10 Best Korean Movies With English Subtitles
by Annette Smith

If you enjoy watching Asian films, check out these ten best Korean movies with English subtitles. Some of them can be downloaded online, and all of them are available for purchase over the Internet. The films are arranged alphabetically by English title.

The Art Museum By The Zoo.
"The Art Museum By The Zoo" is an award-winning romantic drama. This 1998 Korean movie centers on two strangers forced to live together after difficult circumstances. Jeong-hyang Lee directed the film, which stars Eun-ha Shim, Sung-jae Lee, and Sung-kee Ahn.

Attack The Gas Station!
"Attack The Gas Station!" is a 1999 Korean comedy following four young thugs who rob a gas station. When they find no money, they take the workers hostage and work the pumps themselves. Directed by Sang-Jin Kim, the film stars Sung-jae Lee, Oh-seong Yu, and Seong-jin Kang.

Barking Dogs Never Bite.
"Barking Dogs Never Bite" is a 2000 comedy-horror film directed by Joon-ho Bong. The story centers on a stressed-out college lecturer who snaps one night at the yapping of his neighbor's dog. Doona Bae, Sung-jae Lee, and Hie-bong Byeon star in this award-winning movie, originally called "Flandersui gae."

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Bungee Jumping Of Their Own.
"Bungee Jumping Of Their Own" is an award-winning 2001 Korean movie. This film is a romantic drama about two soul mates torn apart by tragedy. Dae-seung Kim directed the film, which stars Byung-hun Lee, Eun-ju Lee, and Hyeon-Soo Yeo.

Christmas In August.
"Christmas In August" is a 1998 romantic drama and four-time award winner. Directed by Jin-ho Hur, the film tells of a terminally ill photographer who befriends a meter reader who frequently visits his shop. Suk-kyu Han, Eun-ha Shim, and Goo Shin star in the movie, originally called "Palwolui Christmas."

"Chunhyang" is an award-winning romantic musical. The 2000 South Korean film is a love story based on a traditional folk tale and narrated with Pansori folk singing. Directed by Kwon-taek Im, the film stars Hyo-jeong Lee, Seung-woo Cho, and Sung-nyu Kim.

Kick The Moon.
Originally called "Sillaui dalbam," "Kick The Moon" is a 2001 Korean film directed by Sang-Jin Kim. It centers on two former classmates, a P.E. teacher and a gangster, who rival for the affections of a young woman in a noodle shop. The award-winning comedy stars Sung-jae Lee, Seung-won Cha, and Hye-su Kim.

Nowhere To Hide.
"Nowhere To Hide" is a comic 1999 crime movie. This action/art film follows a team of policemen as they hunt down a deceptive killer. Myung-se Lee directed the award-winning film, which stars Joong-Hoon Park, Sung-kee Ahn, and Dong-gun Jang.

Peppermint Candy.
"Peppermint Candy" is a 1999 romantic drama directed by Chang-dong Lee. The movie reflects back on twenty years of a man's life and the changes in Korean society over that time. Originally called "Bakha Satang," the film received six awards and three additional nominations. Kyung-gu Sol, Yeo-jin Kim, and Jung Suh star in the film.

Spring In My Hometown.
"Spring In My Hometown" is a 1998 war drama directed by Kwangmo Lee. It depicts life in a small town during the Korean war. Originally called "Areumdawoon Sheejul," the film received eight awards and two additional nominations. It stars Sung-kee Ahn, Yoo-Jung Bae, and Jin-gi Jeon.


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