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Road 먼길 Journey aka Long Way (SBS 2001)

Starring: Lee Byung-Hun (Jung Woo Sik), Park Jin Hee (Sun Ju), Nam Il-Woo (father), So Ji Sup (Kim Ki Hyun)
Script: Park Jeong Lan
Production: SBS
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Source: PlanetBH0712 / Shirley / Weilin

This program had been specially made for New year's holiday. It tells the importance and meaning of family. This drama is consisted of two parts.

Sun Ju had a plan to visit his father with his fiancée in New year's holiday. However, her fiancée broke up with her just before New Year's Eve. While she has worried about her father who has eagerly been waiting for her husband-to-be, she met one guy-Woo sik (LBH)-accidentally in the train station. Since Woo Sik is an orphan and he has nobody to visit during new year's holiday, he gives ride to people (as a side job) who visit their howmtown during holiday. Sun Ju gives him an offer to be her boy friend and she said she would pay for him doing that. Woo sik accepts the offer for the money at first, and while he was visiting Sun Ju father's house, he slowly finds the meaning of family and the love…

This had been aired in Japan on New Year's Holiday of 2005.


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Here's the perfect chance to see Korean Wave stars Lee Byung Hun (All In, Beautiful Days) and So Ji Sub ( I Am Sorry, I Love You, Something Happened In Bali) before they became household names across Asia. First aired in 2001, Long Way features Lee Byung Hun, So Ji Sub, and Park Jin Hee (Money's Warfare, Come Back Soon-Ae!) in a family values-themed drama that serves up plenty of warm and fuzzy holiday sentiments for the audience to savor. Due to Lee Byung Hun's huge popularity in Japan, the two-part series also aired on NHK in 2005.

A good daughter doesn't want to disappoint her father. So Sun Joo (Park Jin Hee) panics when she realizes that her father's wish to meet her boyfriend Ki Hyun (So Ji Sub) isn't going to happen. Right before the New Year holiday, Ki Hyun said goodbye, leaving Sun Joo scrambling for ways to break the bad news to her father, who has long been urging her to get married. But not all is lost. At the train station, Soo runs into one of her customers from work, Woo Sik (Lee Byung Hun). Woo Sik is an orphan who spends most of the holidays volunteering as a driver, offering rides to people visiting family or relatives. Suddenly, an idea pops into her head, and she strikes a devious deal with Woo Sik, asking him to act as her boyfriend in exchange for payment. The arrangement was only going to last for three nights and four days, but...

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