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\"th_cheerleader.gif\" 3 nominations for MR.SUNSHINE! Win or not, hope we\'ll see our nominees at the ceremony which coincides with the 2018 Busan International Film Festival. We know Lee Byung Hun rarely skip the BIFF.

Credit: Chungmuro Crumb

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2018 APAN Star Awards will be held on Oct. 13 at Kyung Hee University Peace Hall and will be broadcasted by TVN. List nominees for \"K Star Award\" was announced. It will be based on 100% fan votes. Voting starts from September 6- 28. ?Actor Nominees 1 #LeeByungHun 2 #JungHaeIn 3 #ParkSeoJoon 4 #leedongwook 5 #yangsejong 6 #leejongsuk ?Actress Nominees 1 #SonYeJin 2 #KimTaeRi 3 #KimMinJung 4 #IU 5 #ParkMinYoung 6 #Suzy YASSSS!!! ???????? Congratulation to Kim Tae Ri, Kim Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun for their nomination. Hope our Sunshine team will attend this award ceremony. You can join voting by download STARPLE apk on Playstore or Applestore. #mrsunshine #leebyunghun #kimtaeri #kimminjung #?????? #??? #??? #??? #APANStarAwards2018 #APANStarAwards

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Photo: APAN Star Awards 2018

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Clip: tvN Drama  via Chungmuro Crumb

Behind the scene: Eugene vs Ae Shin Farewell scene

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Our thanks to mistymorning for the translation at MR.SUNSHINE soompi
(Rehearsal for EC-AS scene together , trying lines ).

BH: Don\'t hold it(her laughter)

TR starts laughing right away.

BH: Your face shows it too well.

TR: Hey! I\'m trying to hold it with my last breath! 

They\'re laughing together.

TR: Ok, I\'m serious now. I\'m not looking.

BH: Ok, for how much, 10K won (about $10) betting? 

TR keeps laughing, uncontrollable.

BH: Wow, are you that happy?

BH: (serious but with little bit of smile) It\'s 10K bet, pay me. (TR laughing)

(scene changed to actual shoot, ending with heartfelt confession of Eugene)