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November 15, 2016

GlassTV – A fashion film starring Lee Byung-hun by Nick Wong and Ssam Kim

Livia Feltham The Glass Magazine



January 13, 2017

Lee Byung Hun, on British magazine cover feature \"Breaking the Hollywood barrier\"

Source:Newsen ++ (ELBH Google-translate)

South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun has been selected as \'Glass Men\' magazine\'s first issue cover.

On January 13, a photo showing Lee Byung Hun\'s soft charisma with the city \'s urban beauty in the background has been released.

\'Glass Men\' feature on Lee Byung Hun has highlighted the actor\'s success in Hollywood as \"Breaking Hollywood\'s Invisible Barrier (Glass Ceiling).\"


Lee Byung Hun was previously cast in a starring Hollywood-role in the remake of the western classic movie \"The Magnificent 7\", alongside Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke, thus becoming a hot topic among fans.

\'Glass Men\' featuring Lee Byung Hun, is the first men\'s magazine to be launched by \'Glass Magazine\', one of the most popular fashion and culture magazines in the UK. (Photo provided = BH Entertainment)

Lee Byung-hun Featured on the Cover of British Magazine Glass

Source: The Korea Daily US

Korean actor who is actively engaged in Hollywood, Lee Byung-hun, is featured on the cover of the first issue of Glass‘ men’s edition, The Glass Men.

On the released cover, Lee Byung-hun is posing in the deluxe surroundings of the InterContinental LA Century City hotel. Along with the cover, the magazine presents a “fashion film” of the actor, directed by Nick Wong and produced by Ssam Kim.

Featuring him as the cover model, Glass Men writes that he “smashes Hollywood’s glass ceiling.” Recently, the actor is rising as a noteworthy Asian actor in Hollywood, acting in the remake of The Magnificent Seven.

Glass Men is the first men’s edition from The Glass, which is one of the representative global fashion and culture magazines issued in UK.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung-hun continues vigorous activities in Korean cinema as well. Crime action film featuring him, Master, is currently showing both in Korea and the U.S., while another film, A Single Rider, is to be released in February.

Original article by Park Jin-young
Translated by Heewon Kim

Photo: ssam_kim InterContinental Los Angeles Century City

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My very first cover with magnificent #leebyunghun for Glass Men @theglassmagazine is out now!#GlassMen#covershoot#realactor#superstar#korean#Hollywood

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The Hollywood groundbreaker Lee Byung Hun by @ssam_kim for the first edition of #GlassMen ❤️#Koreanactor #hollywood #magnificientseven #leebyunghun

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