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August 8, 2016

Lee Byung-hun and Kim Min-hee, actor and actress of the year

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Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Kim Min-hee have been chosen as \'The Actor and Actress of the Year\'.

The Korean Directors\' Association announced the winners of the \'2016 Directors\' Cut Awards\' on the 8th. Lee Byung-hun from the movie \"Inside Men\" and Kim Min-hee from \"The Handmaiden\" are the winners. Director Na Hong-jin from \"The Wailing\" is the Director of the Year.

Jang Jae-hyeon is the director of \"The Priests\" which is an exorcism film and he won the Rookie Director of the Year Award. The Rookie Actress of the Year went to Park Jeong-min and Kim Tae-ri. \'The Director of Independence Films of the Year\' went to Ahn Gook-jin from \"Alice In Earnestland\" and director Shin Yeon-shick won the \'Best Production of the Year\'.

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August 9, 2016

Winners of annual Korean film awards announced

The winners of Director’s Cut Awards were announced by the annual film awards’ committee on Monday.

Lee Byung-hun won the actor award for his role in “Inside Men” (2015), while the actress award went to Kim Min-hee for her role in “The Handmaiden” (2016).

Park Jung-min was recognized as a budding actor for his role in “DongJu: A Portrait of a Poet” (2015), while Kim Tae-ri was recognized as budding actress for her role in “The Handmaiden” (2016).

The director award went to Na Hong-jin for the film “The Wailing” (2016) and the award for budding director went to Jang Jae-hyun for “The Priests”(2015).

The award ceremony will be held at Cheong Pung Resort Lake Hotel in Jecheon, Korea.

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