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Behind-the-scene film-making video released

June 17, 2018

K-drama Writer Kim Eun Sook & PD Lee Eung Bok Target Third Collaborative Hit With “Mr. Sunshine”

By abbyinhallyuland | HelloKpop



That’s a question that Korean drama fans look forward to as the premiere date of Mr. Sunshine approaches next month.

As the third project of acclaimed writer Kim Eun Sook and director Lee Eung Bok, attention is focused on the production team and the star-studded cast of Mr. Sunshine.

The creative tandem flaunts a combination of stellar drama roster which includes The Heirs, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, Discovery of Love, Secret Love and School 2013. Such great dramas came from these showrunners that it’s hard not to anticipate another amazing story.

Boasting South Korea’s representative actor Lee Byung Hun and powered by all-star main cast of Kim Tae Ri (Little Forest), Yoo Yeon Seok (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim), Kim Min Jung (Man to Man) and Byun Yo Han (Six Flying Dragons), the hype for tvN’s upcoming weekend drama keeps on skyrocketing.

Mr. Sunshine will be Lee Byung Hun’s return to the small screen after 9 years since spy drama IRIS. Kim Tae Ri of The Handmaiden fame will officially make her television debut.

The new tvN historical series treads on the story of a boy who boarded a warship during the Shinmiyangyo, a United States expedition to Korea in 1871. He then returns to his native country in late Joseon era as an American soldier.

The released character posters and sketches reflect Lee taking the role of Choi Yoo Jin, a US Marine Corps captain, with Kim Tae Ri sporting a strong gaze holding a rifle as a famous Joseon freedom fighter. All main characters symbolically expressed their lives in the catastrophic time of late Joseon era.

Mr. Sunshine replaces Lawless Lawyer for the weekend time slot starting July 7.

Source: Breaknews