CINE21: Period drama, observing the cause and noticeable 2014 hot projects
January 7, 2014

Highlighted at PlanetBH0712, a couple of art concept visuals for \"Memories of the Sword\" in an article from CINE21.

2014 screen\'s hot trend: Period drama, observing the cause and noticeable projects



Translation of Hyeopnyeo related gist, thanks to mistymorning

If 2013 \"the year for Men\'s movie\" was a bit lacking in attractive female characters, we have 2 movies in 2014 that\'ll satisfy us. Park Heun Sik\'s martial art period drama \"Hyupyeo: The Memory of the Sword\" and Park Je Hyun\'s \"Joseon 3 Beauties\"

First, Park Heung Sik\'s \"Hyupyeo\" is in the same sense of movie like Ang Lee\'s \"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:, combines strong drama with action closely. The lover (LBH), at the moment of realizing great cause (大義) betrayed their big brother (BSB) that lead him to death. Because of the event the woman (JDY) lost her eyesight, left with the man\'s daughter - translator note: not sure whose daughter HongYi (KGE) is - , leaving \"You, no, you and I will be killed by the hand of HongYi\"

Dir. Park Heung Sik remarked \"Two women should kill one man for vengeance. The moment vengeance is complete is the moment the love is complete.\" JDY plays the role of woman who is in the pit of her life, promising vengeance, the man who should die to complete her love is LBH.