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July 7, 2018

“Mr. Sunshine” Sets New Record With First Episode Viewership Ratings

Source: Soompi by S. Koh


After only one episode, “Mr. Sunshine” is proving to be a new drama to watch as evident by its record breaking viewership ratings.

tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which aired on July 7 at 9 p.m. KST for the first time, recorded the highest ever viewership ratings for the premiere of a tvN drama The ratings confirmed that it is indeed one of the most anticipated projects.

For cable, satellite, and IPTV combined across paid platforms, the first episode garnered an average of 8.9 percent and at the highest 10.6 percent. Despite being a cable program, “Mr. Sunshine” took No. 1 in its time slot including public broadcasting station shows as well.

Its massive scale and elaborate visuals combined with an eye catching story has viewers glued to the screen. In addition, writer Kim Eun Sook brings to life a changing Chosun Dynasty while director Lee Eung Bok creates spectacular war scenes.

“Mr. Sunshine” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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July 10, 2018

Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1 \"mrs.jpg\"

by dramallama via

It’s here, and it’s more epic than I had imagined! The highly anticipated Mr. Sunshine, with its reliable production team, excellent casting, and compelling historical story seems to have the trifecta in place to deliver one hell of a drama. All these elements are strong in our first installment, which introduces us to our major players and their developing motivations. As we dig into the backstories of our characters, we also get a taste of the poignant history, which is sure to carry the show throughout its run. The thread of history — political and personal — connects these characters together, and I can’t wait to see how they all interweave into each other’s lives.


Mr. Sunshine: Episode 2

by dramallama

Rampant change in Joseon is met with both excitement and resistance, and this clash is where we meet our main characters. We learn more about Ae-shin’s story, which is truly a story paved by her stubborn commitment to what she wants. And what she wants is often a bold challenge that embraces the change and all the risks that accompany it. As the timeline catches up, we’re introduced to our remaining characters, seeing how some fates are intertwined and how some just brush by as a hint of what’s to come.


Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Mr. Sunshine’ On Netflix, An Epic Korean Drama About An Unlikely Early 20th Century Romance

By Joel Keller

Source: Netizendrama


Naver - Isplus: \"One target\"...\'Mr. Sunshine\' Lee Byung Hun x Kim Tae Ri\'s first meeting as snipers 

1.[+2318, -256] I was having fun watching the story and the acting but the comments;;;;;;;;

2.[+1023, -190] It\'s fun...are you even watching it...

3.[+1213, -423] If you want to use Lee Byung Hun you should have raised the age of the actress or if you wanted Kim Tae Ri you should have lowered the age of the actor, do just one of it

4.[+692, -29] Some scenes are as good as a movie and some scenes are like \'Mystic TV: Surprise\' which it\'s an extreme ???

5.[+515, -89] Am I the only one who finds it fun...The immersion is the best and Kim Tae Ri\'s beauty ?? she is so pretty ??
6.[+512, -196] Honestly, I think there are a lot of people watching it because of Lee Byung Hun than the ones who are not watching it because of him...The feeling of Lee Byung Hun saving this drama is so strong

7.[+292, -25] Am I the only one who likes how Kim Tae Ri is delivering her lines, even though she is trembling, it looks high class

8.[+294, -4] Someone said it\'s The descendants of Mr. Goblin ??

9.[+276, -36] Yoo Yeon Seok is f*cking awesome...


Naver - Isplus: \"It\'s fate from their first meeting\"...\'Mr. Sunshine\' Lee Byung Hun x Kim Tae Ri\'s fate begins

1.[+2345, -211] It\'s so immersive, It\'s so fun to watch especially Kim Tae Ri, she is good at acting and I like her voice tone so much

2.[+1083, -215] Lee Byung Hun...His gaze is better at delivering than the lines ??

3.[+516, -50] Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri\'s vocalizations and visuals and the immersion is the best, Yoo Yeon Seok had a little screen time today ?? My heart is already aching just by the thought of how sad it\'s going to be

4.[+835, -436] I don\'t care about the age gap or whatever, I just got immersed into it...Why does an hour feels this short ??

5.[+216, -31] I thought I was watching a movie ?? When Lee Byung Hun appears, he made it look like a movie~

6.[+204, -22] There is nothing to be surprised about Lee Byung Hun\'s acting because I already knew it was good...but I was surprised with Kim Tae Ri, from her voice tone to her acting

7.[+150, -15] Kim Tae Ri\'s face is innocent but her voice is so charming

Naver - Osen: \'Mr. Sunshine\' Lee Byung Hun found out that Kim Tae Ri is a secret soldier 

1.[+1157, -95] Kim Tae Ri is really good at acting and her diction is good ??

2.[+621, -185] Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri\'s acting gave me goosebumps. I thought they won\'t suit each other but their chemistry is daebak 

3.[+336, -41] The comments said that yesterday was boring but today was fun. I think it will be more fun when we see Kim Tae Ri and Yoo Yeon Seok together next week. I hope this week passes fast, I\'m looking forward to it

4.[+237, -23] It looks more like a movie, the drama is really daebak...It was much more fun than yesterday, how will episode 3 be?...

5.[+172, -22] Today, the time really went by fast, It was so fun

6.[+124, -5] Lee Byung Hun looks natural with any language, It\'s amazing

7.[+102, -6] If only Lee Byung Hun managed well his image ??? what a waste of an actor....His way of delivering the lines and his gaze are really impressive 

8.[+105, -18] Lee Byung Hun\'s eye gaze acting...It\'s on another level! 

9.[+106, -23] No matter what, Lee Byung Hun fits well as Eugene. You said he is older but he is a US Marine captain. Do you think you can become that in your 20s?